I bought him a present for Christmas.

It arrived at his house after he left on his travels and getting it to him had been an issue.

He finally got it today.

He sent me nearly 20 photos of him opening it: He knows I like to see his face. They start off incredibly silly and the tenor of them changes as he opens the package, the box, the bag, and then when he puts it on. It is a bracelet of soft leather and rope for every day wear, hints of cuffs and bondage subtle in it.

I have one of his photos on my screen still, many hours afterwards.

“Smiley-misty-eyed,” he said to me as he sent the shot.

He is holding it in his hand, his fingers curled into a fist and resting against his cheek, his face partially hidden. He is looking straight into the camera, his eyes soft, he is smiling, though I only see half of it.

I feel a pull in my stomach when I look at it. So different from the others. There is not a hint of the cocky playful silliness that I had seen before, and would see again soon after. Instead there is a softness in it, a hint of vulnerability, an incredible sweetness, the face of a happy, touched boy. It makes me smile back, makes me want to pet that cheek, kiss that mouth.

Heart meltingly beautiful.

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  1. That snippet has so much layered into it that snippet that seems to bode well – thoughtfulness, humor, playfulness, attentiveness, reciprocity, trust, vulnerability, depth…. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Heh. When you buy your ticket to come here so that you can submit to me, I will buy you the best present EVER! I pinkie promise!


  2. Ferns, you really know how to show the boy he’s YOURS!
    *bows to the Dommiest of Dommes*

    (and continues to gobble up your interactions voraciously!)


    1. *laugh* I still love that ‘voraciously’!

      And I wasn’t showing him that he’s mine (he’s not just yet! I’m still working on it!)… I just was sending him a Christmas present!!

      Though of course I am still the Dommiest of Dommes *twirls dommely propellor hat*.


  3. That is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time. I can only imagine how much he loves it!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I have had this marked in my favorites for a while now. I remembered it when your old posts hit. I love this so much for the warm connection.

    “It is a bracelet of soft leather and rope for every day wear, hints of cuffs and bondage subtle in it.” That sounds really awesome! I bet that looked almost amazing as it felt for him.

    1. I like it when people comment on old posts that I have forgotten about. I get to read them anew, and remember these details that are long forgotten :).

      It’s a sweetness.


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