I hover with my face just above his, I can’t trust myself to touch him in the moment because I want to crash into and through him with teeth and bone and blood and the hardness of clashing steel. And even though I am soft, really, all tender and smooth flesh that gives and bends, I am afraid that I will really hurt him.

I feel like I am snarling at him, breathing into his open mouth, watching his tongue tentatively reach out to survey the damage already done to him. I’m not sure if I make any sound, but the animal noise is there in my throat and a thrumming is loud in my ears. I hear a whining engine noise in my head, creaky brakes trying to slow a huge machine that wants to barrel over the top of everything in its way, giant cogs forging ahead under load, weighty and unstoppable. I bare my teeth and try to quell the aggression until it’s manageable, under enough control that I can trust it.

He watches me, restrained, both flinching and wanting to reach for it, willing it to obliterate him. And if I wait long enough he will crane his neck to get to me, to invite me back in, and even as I nudge against him, I see him screw his eyes shut and try not to pull away when I shove myself into him again. It’s like he forgets, in those moments of reprieve, how relieved he was when I stopped.

But he hates it when I stop.

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  1. ~grins~ awww beautiful passion pain, pleasure, need, fear, ache, and much more! As always I love your thoughts.


  2. One of the best kisses I ever got involved my girlfriend basically tackling me with her mouth. It took me maybe a couple of second to react and be able to kiss her back. Mind you, my hands were bound and I had used my safeword immediately before this, so I was already kind of reeling.

    1. *grin* We have a lot of things to figure out yet, but kissing is not one of them.

      The kissing is just… just… well… Guh!!!


  3. Gets my approval


    Not that you you know need my approval or anything but you have it anyway cos I’m a soppy old romantic like that ;)

  4. “@ Miss Ferns:

    “”So you’re still not using the gym regularly, then?”

    “*puzzled look* This non sequitur confuses me!””

    I meant that you clearly have excess energy that has *not* been used wholesomely, so instead are becoming yet more depraved. I am saddened by this, Miss Ferns, saddened I say.

    1. *smile* Thank you so much. And no, not shallow at all: I really REALLY miss feeling this, and trying to get some approximation of it onto the page is a joy for me.


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