My sent emails XXXIV

Hello 22yo-guy-who-found-my-story-on-literotica,

I didn’t reply to your last because I already told you that I am not interested in an erotic exchange and yet you are persisting with it. I am not sure what about my lack of interest was unclear.

And now you send me an unsolicited cock shot. This is a good indication that any future conversation is not possible.

Please don’t contact me again.

Best of luck to you.


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  1. Wow.

    Maybe it’s because I’m older and grew up before the internet allowed anonymous crudity, but I simply can not understand what sending a cock shot to a woman is supposed to gain. Is she supposed to gasp in disbelief and yearning? Is she supposed to be intrigued by some wrinkly, hairy flesh? Have guys simply not learned that most women enjoy the mental exchange, at least at first?

    Ferns, I truly feel sorry for you, and for any other woman on teh intertubez that shows the least interest in sexuality. I really don’t get what the hell is wrong with some people.

    1. I know, I don’t get it either, even though I have given it some thought. Asking ‘what did you think was going to happen next?’ has never gotten me a thoughtful answer (no surprises there!).

      I always assume the *act of sending the cock shot* is what gets them off in some sort of exhibitionist-flasher way. The outcome, and the recipient, are both irrelevant.

      It’s the same mentality as the one line wank fest emails where they just put as many dirty-hot words on the page as possible and hit send *orgasmic delight*.

      I do think there are some blindingly clueless exceptions to that, men who genuinely think it’s some kind of sexy, and since the woman expressed *some* interest in sex, this will totally be highly erotic to them, but I think that level of clueless is rare.


  2. oh my. unfortunately a total classic…

    and Ferns, you are _waaaaay_ to nice!
    honestly. donkey-kick them. they deserve it. at least at that stage.

    1. Surprisingly, I have only had a handful of cock shots sent to me in my online life. I really have no idea why, but I consider that a total win.

      I don’t think of myself as particularly nice. This sort of thing doesn’t make me angry, or upset, or elicit any sort of reaction at all beyond a ‘Do not want more of this’, so ‘donkey kicking’ really doesn’t occur to me.

      I also suspect that a good tongue lashing would be very exciting for some of these fellows, and I’m really not keen to give them that.


    1. I am a sweet person!! *sweet smile*

      Yes, I do think that any heightened emotional response would indeed be considered A Good Thing by many of these men. Or at the very least, could encourage them to respond in kind, which is another thing I don’t need in my inbox.


  3. Every time I read something like this, it brings to mind one of my favorite movie quotes.

    Stupid is, as stupid does. (Forrest Gump, 1994)

    1. *laugh* For those wondering at this non-sequiter, it is a response to something I said on Twitter.

      And I did not get run over by a bus!! Even though I was wearing very respectable panties just in case…


  4. I save any random cock shots I get so I can send one to the next person who sends me one.

    If the recipient is confused by this (and they usually are) I’m like, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought we were exchanging random dick pics. Is that not what you wanted”

    Thus far, this has not had the desired effect of teaching men empathy. But it’s fun. :)

    p.s. thank you for the shoutout on Twitter! Caught me completely by (pleasant) surprise!

    1. *laugh* That’s a brilliant idea! Though given the vast resources of the internet, I’m not sure you have to actually *save* the ones you get (pervert!).

      You’re most welcome for the twitter shout. I’m really enjoying your blog. Your brutally honest story telling and introspection is compelling: I figured if others aren’t already reading it, THEY SHOULD BE! I recently added you to my blog roll also.


      1. Oh, I know I could procure a random penis picture easily enough. But I find it more satisfying to pass along the unsolicited ones given to me. Feels like karma. I tell the senders that I do this, too, in hopes that it’ll make them think twice about dickslapping someone’s eyeballs next time.

        FYI, sexy pictures I’ve consented to/asked for go into the vault, for my eyes only (unless a guy invites me to show other people, which has happened). That’s an entirely different situation and I’d never violate someone’s trust.

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