Shit Ferns says #7

Random things, no context.

I’m piloting that potpourri right into a herd of puppies!! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!

And no, really, a cock is a boy-handle, if you want to get technical

Vs dressed up as if your partner is a box of stupid and everyone wants to own the box of stupid

Because the internet is all your fault? THAT’S RIGHT!!!

It will be done in your blood, natch, which must be blessed by a true Domme (that would be me) and pissed on by virgin unicorns (that’s your responsibility).

…I’m all about the cocks, if a man refuses to talk about his cock, I’m done! I mean, I once chatted with a guy who said ‘no more cock, flowers now’ and I totally EYEROLLED at him!!

Loves: 9
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