Come and sit in on a chat with me…

© Masocast by UnspeakableAxe

Do you want to sit in on a chat with me? Pretend we are in a bar, having some champagne, and having a cosy little chat? You can, sort of!

Unspeakable Axe and I talked for nearly three hours when he interviewed me for Masocast. His interview style is lovely, so it’s a low key, casual, friendly chat where we cover a whole range of topics.

He then had to trawl through my ramblings … Continue Reading

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Random memories: Hiding myself

The first boy I ever fell in love with was a vanilla submissive. I have mentioned him before.

We are still in touch, I am pretty sure that I gave him this blog address at some stage long ago. I doubt he reads it, but I really don’t know and haven’t asked. If he does: *smile… wave* Hello there, A!!!

We were together before I had ever heard of BDSM, or D/s, or any of … Continue Reading

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Update on the pretty thing

The pretty thing has a beautiful mouth, truly. Full, shapely and pillowy soft. I want to post a photo of it, and even though I know he would be okay with it, it just seems too personal right now.

I joked on twitter that I was going to post an update about him along with a photo, but “…the photos make me stupid… Words… gone… just… …fuck!!!!”

I followed up with “If I get drunk … Continue Reading

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Gymming: Update

I’ve been struggling with motivation.

I have a food alarm that goes off every few hours (fucking thing!) so that I eat more regularly. I’m having more protein. I *think* it’s making a difference in that I have been lifting some heavier weights, but the heavier weights might have happened anyway… who knows?!?!!

I bought some new gym pants and running shoes. I figured after 6 months of wearing the same gazillionty-year-old ones, I deserved … Continue Reading

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On puppying

puppying [puhp-ee-ing] (verb): To behave in an excited and exuberantly enthusiastic manner over someone, like a puppy. Usage: You are puppying at me!

Submissive men who are into me ‘puppy’ at me. I call it puppying. I have no idea if I made that term up.

Puppying is when they are so excited every time they are around me that their whole body vibrates with delight, they get under my feet, they bounce around … Continue Reading

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Shit Ferns says #6

Random shit I spewed out at people.

No zing zing with the pussy pussies!

I will practice a gloat-covered sheepish victory dance

If someone says ‘you are too nice’, they are trying to avoid saying ‘you are boring and have no genitals’.

I am liking leaf number three, leaf number three is obviously superior to leaves number one or two, though they tried their hardest and deserve a little pat for their sub standard efforts.

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A weekend: The Domme and the lovely switch

The lovely switch and I had a day and a half together in Sydney. I flew in on Friday, and he arrived on Saturday morning, after the ungodly long flight from the US.

Our first conversation went something like this:

*ring ring*
Me: Hello! Welcome to Australia!!
Him: *laughing* Thank you!! Happy to be here!!

*some pleasantries*

Him: So I’m at the hotel, I’m showered, all clean and lovely, shall I come to you? I … Continue Reading

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