Work shoes

Did I say, somewhere, that I have a thing about shoes? Yes… yes I did…

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  1. Brids: “Those are her arms. She's also got very short fingers.”

    Now you know that revealing my secrets is unbecoming! I shall Boothand you soundly later!!


  2. Jack: “Toe cleavage is hot and dirty and innocent and suggestive… sexy understated shoes!”

    I totally agree about the toe cleavage… it's so obviously sexual, but oddly innocent. I like that combination a lot!


  3. Yardbird: “Sexy shoes and very lovely ankles and feet.”

    Thank you kindly, Yardbird.

    “Are your boy's lips down there a lot? *I know mine would be.*

    Ha! That comment assumes that you would have a say as to where your lips would be… funny boy.


  4. novemberluvrs: “Love the shoes, simple ankle straps convey such sexiness.”

    Thank you JM! I love strappy shoes and sandals… if they are a little unconventional, even better!


  5. Jane: “Do you have a pair of shoes with ribbons? I just got one, super hot in red. You can slowly tie them or untie them…”

    I do not have any shoes with ribbons, no. What is wrong with me?!

    *adds to list*


  6. You’re slowly breaking me on the shoe/foot thing. I don’t think I’ll be a fetishist anytime soon, but I’d like to sleep cuddled up next to yours. Or around them. Or between them. Or on top of them. Or beneath them. You know. General vicinity.

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