Sunday curiosity #13… not

Yes, I know it’s not Sunday!! Bear with me!

I used to do a very irregular “Sunday curiosity” post where I invited people to ask me random questions. This was not a strategy that I made up because I was too lazy to actually come up with topics to write about… ooohhh no! Not at all. Okay, well… maybe a little bit.

Mostly though, I did it because I loved to hear from you, my lovely readers, and respond to *your* input (versus the other way around), but it fell by the wayside in the flurry that is my random writing and aimless flailing about on the page.

I quietly put up an experimental ‘Formspring – Ask me a question‘ box a little while ago (see, over in the sidebar on the right, waaaayyy down at the bottom), because all the cool kids are doing it, and I wanted to see if anyone would discover it and throw things at me, all anonymous and safe-like. I did get a few cute little messages (*wave* Hello there, sweet Formspringers!), which I loved.

Edited: Formspring secretly changed their widgety workings so that the widget no longer worked (progress, eh?), so I now only have the “Ask me” page here

So now I am officially seeing if it’s worth keeping and actually using, so I am pointing at it, all shouty like:


Go and take a look at this new “Ask me” page here (oh look, up there across the top of the blog: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a new “Ask me” page link!!)

The questions AND answers will show up on the new “Ask me” page (go and take a peek!). Fun!

If there are any questions or ideas that turn me into an endless windbag (ha! as if that ever happens (?!)), I might use them as a prompt for an actual real and proper post.

So go on, don’t be shy… pop over and type some stuff to me… I will just be waiting here, holding my breath until I turn blue.

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  1. Miss Ferns,

    Do you think you would ever go camping?

    It’s just that here in the UK, you can find wild spots up in the mountains, next to the lochs and lochans in the Highlands of Scotland, where you can sleep all night without a noise because there’ll be no-one within miles, and bathe in a lochan in the morning, without anyone ever to see you.

    I want to wake up in our tent, to notice that you’ve woken up before me. So, I shall look out through the tent-flaps, to see you washing your long blonde hair by the side of the lochan. And then I’ll walk up behind you, unheard, and hug you by the shoulders, and kiss you on your throat. And it will be perfect.

    1. *laugh* You’ve not quite understood the concept I was explaining here, puppy, but I shall answer anyway…

      My version of camping includes a soft bed, a full bathroom (with luxurious bath, natch), room service (may be provided by my companion) and a short trip in the elevator down to the bar while wearing fabulous heels.

      So, if by ‘camping’ you mean the above, by ‘lochan’ you mean ‘fabulous full sized warm bath’, by ‘woken before me’ you mean ‘slept in and then dozed some more on the comfy bed’ and by ‘tent flaps’ you mean ‘ensuite door’, then yes, I love camping and you are right, it *does* sound perfect!!


  2. Mon Dieux, Puppington.

    Mme. Ferns is no wild savage! She will prefer a hotel any time! It is the *scenery* that counts! I grant you, aside from the infernal midges, Scottish Highland scenery is beautiful. But, you * do not* do romance under sheets of canvas!

    Pah. British Rosbif avec le sense of romance d’un drill electrique. Idiot!

    1. “She will prefer a hotel any time!”

      Quite right! Thank you, Monsieur Ouanquer de Massiftouatte Pompouse-Lothian, for setting the puppy straight!


  3. OK, Miss Ferns, here’s one:

    I’ve seen a lot of dominants talk about getting off on causing pain (or, maybe more accurately, with some, getting off on the effect that the pain is having on their subs). Yet they don’t want to do humiliation – not in any way, shape or form.

    As far as I can see, humiliation is just a more psychological version of pain. So why, do you think, there’s a difference?

    I think I’ve asked this question of you before, but I’m still hazy as to the answer . . . .

    1. Grrrrr…

      I really love this question, I do, but your inability to follow the instructions in my post (there, just above, see?!) irks me.

      Please ask it again over here as I requested and I will most happily answer.


      1. Thank you, puppy.

        Hmmm… so it has a restriction on the length of questions… interesting. I wonder if it will restrict me if I try to give a really long answer.

        Perhaps Formspring is anti-windbag!

        I guess we will see soon enough…


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