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Hello 22yo_slave_from_nowhere_near_me,

If you are really a slave then the least you can do is pay attention to what women say in their profiles and behave accordingly.

Does my profile say: “If you are nowhere near me and have no way to actually serve me, please email me with poor spelling and grammar begging to be my slave”?

I just checked and it doesn’t.

So, no.


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      1. In fairness, though, Miss Ferns, Femdoms never mention that they require having raspberries blown on their stomachs. But I know that they all do. And ears bitten, and ribs tickled. Lots of things, really.

        So your overall thesis here fails, I feel.

        1. Quite right. I think you should express these obvious requirements clearly every time you email a female dominant (and brook no objections, however sternly worded).

          I expect a progress report!


    1. I know a lot of women get all irritated and hatery over them, but I think of them as a minor inconvenience, and sometimes they make me laugh (or my responses make me laugh, which is just as good!).

      If I got annoyed at idiocy on the internet, I would be done for!


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