My sent emails IX

Hello desperate_and_looking:

Saw Your profile and photos and love it

What did you love about my profile and photos, hmmm?

Or could it be that you sent this form letter to every dominant woman you could find?

Yes, I think the latter. My superior intellect and dommely powers tell me so.





Hello desperate_and_looking:

it’s just a common phrase

Actually, no. It’s a meaningless irrelevance that comes from sending a form letter which demonstrates that you are not sincere and that you are, in fact, spamming a gazillion women with this rubbish.

If you are truly serious, don’t just say so, I can say I am a purple people eater, it doesn’t make it so. Make an actual effort to find women who are looking for what you are offering. There is NOTHING, NOTHING in the wealth of public information that I have put out there that AT ALL indicates that I would be at all interested in your offer.

So you are wasting your time (all two seconds it took to spam me with your stupid form letter) and MY time (much more than two seconds to try and help you, which is, I know, wasted time… more fool me).

You cannot in one breath say ‘i’m genuine and serious’ and then demonstrate with your second breath that you are too damn lazy to do a tiny bit of research. Rather, you are treating the women here as objects or ‘targets’ to fulfil whatever silly thing it is you seek.

In short, behave like a grown up mature person and not a three year old child holding out his hand going ‘I want I want waaaahhh…’.


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  1. Is that all he said? If so, it seems like the written equivalent of a man who wolf-whistles a walking female out of his window as he drives by her.

    Sir Puppington Lothian.

  2. “I can say I am a purple people eater, it doesn't make it so”

    Would that be a person who eats purple people, or a purple person who eats people? … I never could get that straight.

  3. puppy: “Is that all he said?”

    Oh gosh no, there was an entire email full of what he wanted, what he was looking for, how he would serve etc etc… The usual guff.


  4. slapshot: “Would that be a person who eats purple people, or a purple person who eats people?”

    Isn't it obvious? It would be a purple person who eats purple people… that's the only logical option!


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