Finding my blog

Here’s a secret: If you want to send sweet anonymous love notes to someone with a blog, then you can totally do it with cute Google searches. Of course, it does rely on the author of said blog actually *looking* at this search data at some stage. Which I really don’t. Until I am doing a post just like this. Then I find the cuteness:

“domme chronicles queen of awesome and teh writing”
“domme chronicles … Continue Reading

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Blogroll update

In lieu of actually writing anything of my own, I have updated my blogroll, peeking into the lives and thoughts of others and wanting to share them: “Look, look!!”

I’ve added vanilla links also for the first time. My tendency is towards beautiful things: those that make me laugh, yearn, smile or sigh. Happy-making things.

I suspect some of you perves might be tempted to skip over the vanilla goodness, but I have just … Continue Reading

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Moo, motherfucker!

“If wanting some degree of intelligence in those I speak with makes me a cow… Well, then. Moo, motherfucker.”

That partial quote from someone’s profile (I didn’t note whose!) made me laugh so hard.

I am intending to use it as a retort when I get a ridiculous email:

Random idiot: Helo Mistress, r u want 2 fuk my ass?

Me: Moo, motherfucker!

Random idiot: WTF?! U bitches b crazy!

This thought makes me laugh … Continue Reading

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Dirty secrets

She smirked across the table at him.

He laughed. “What?!”

She raised an eyebrow. “I beg your pardon?”

He looked puzzled, then gave her a sheepish smile.

“What are you thinking, Ma’am?”

She eyed his crotch, then looked back up to his face.

His eyes widened, brow furrowed.

“Your lap,” she said, as if it wasn’t obvious.

Understanding dawned. He hesitated, then shifted his chair back, the feet scraping loudly on the floor, he didn’t … Continue Reading

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The long distance thing

I had my first Long Distance Relationship (LDR) before I even got onto the big bad world wide web.

Well, technically I had two before that, but this was the first one that started as an LDR in the way they do now, with some random contact down the wire.

I was in my mid-twenties, working for a large corporation. I happened to get my photo in the corporate newsletter (I seem to remember we … Continue Reading

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Shit Ferns says…

Random things that I said this week, completely out of context:

Trussed and Disembowelled. It’s all in the technique… Slice slice… no nicking the intestine… it’s all good!

I should run classes.

Sternum pads are the new black.

I’m like the Flash ~insert theme music here~

I hope the imaginary squirrel didn’t get drunk on cocktails.

You can Carly-Simon, and then segue into a CCS (Confirmed Carly-Simon)… But you can’t just go straight

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“beautiful woman with a strap on harness…”

While I was away, I met up with another lovely submissive who lives in the same city as e. We had been emailing for a few months after I sent him a compliment on his thoughtful and original posts on Fetlife. The fact that he happened to live in the city I was travelling to was a convenient coincidence.

I had planned to meet him regardless of how it went with e because we got … Continue Reading

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