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In lieu of actually writing anything of my own, I have updated my blogroll, peeking into the lives and thoughts of others and wanting to share them: “Look, look!!”

I’ve added vanilla links also for the first time. My tendency is towards beautiful things: those that make me laugh, yearn, smile or sigh. Happy-making things.

I suspect some of you perves might be tempted to skip over the vanilla goodness, but I have just fallen a little in love with Tyler Knott who writes haikus, poetry and other beautiful goodness, and I don’t want you to miss out.

I stare at your lips
and fall in love with the way
they form what you say.

Oh my.

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  1. Hello , I am a follower of your blog from the beginning . I love it .
    I’am searching for blogroll links exchange with your blog.
    Please, visit my blog and tell me if u are interested.
    I already added your link to my list!
    I have been received almost 2500 visits per day, and I think it will good!
    Can you add me to yours?
    Please answer me!

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog and have followed it from the beginning. You must be so very busy given you have over 750 blogs on your blogroll!

      I don’t do link exchanges because I think they are dishonest. If I like a blog and want to share it with my readers, I add it to my blogroll. If someone likes my blog, I hope they will do the same. Simple really.

      Either way, if you really HAD been reading my blog for any length of time, you would probably realise that your content is almost completely at odds with mine so no, I am not going to link to it.


  2. I like Vanilla goodness and I follow happy wherever it leads. I checked out Tyler Knott and Liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing!

    Now to check out Tom Allen’s page.

    1. I’m glad you liked it too!

      I’ll grudgingly admit that Tom can sometimes be mildly entertaining, but not often, and not much!!

      Also, he hasn’t done any half naked pictures for AGES!


      1. Okay, okay, I get the hint. Look, it’s been winter up here, and I don’t get naked much in the winter.

        But spring is around the corner, and that means bike season, which means pics of me in my new spandex biking shorts will be forthcoming.

        1. Whoo hoo!!

          Don’t think I’ll forget!

          “… which means pics of me in my new spandex biking shorts will be forthcoming.”

          Wait… what?! You mean boxer briefs of course, because they are made of sex and win! Of course you do.


  3. I too like the vanilla goodness….but theres that ‘darker’ side of me that I do so enjoy! My pet said I was like a chocolate & vanilla swirled ice cream cone… Perfect combination of the two… (and I haven’t given up onhim yet by the way!)

    Loving the replies from Tom!

    Keep up the good work Ferns!

  4. *Tear*

    Well, something to work toward.

    My resolution for the new year was to blog every week, at least. There have only been five weeks this year, right? This slight will motivate me. A deserved slight, by the way, my blog is not yet follow worthy. I’ll get there. Maybe I should leave blogger, to start with. No offense to blogger, but is it like still being on myspace? I’m not sure anyone’s there!

    1. Awww… *wipes up the tears*

      A little helpful hint for you, dear Gregory Allen: Put links to your blog *somewhere useful* (like in your comment above for instance).

      I just did a Google search for it (I *know* I have visited it at some stage!), and couldn’t find it… There is no link in your author profiles, not in your twitter account, not here in my comments…

      Pimp it here! I look forward to taking another look at it, and to your regular updates.


    2. “No offense to blogger, but is it like still being on myspace? I’m not sure anyone’s there!”

      I don’t think *where* it is makes much difference since most traffic isn’t from within Blogger, but I do think your own domain name helps to make it more ‘yours’. I stayed on Blogger for ages with my own domain name (it’s a simple redirect).

      I changed over because makes the entire thing ‘mine’ (more control, who woulda thunk it?) and I also started to get scared about reports of Google deleting accounts they didn’t approve of (related to the Google+ intro and palava about having to use your real name there and the interlinking of all Google related accounts… messy-scary. Ugh!).


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