‘Yay’ moments

I had my little ‘waaahh’ moments over my trip to meet e, so it’s time I wrote a little about the ‘yay’ moments: enjoyable things that e and I got up to during my visit.

Firstly, I cannot say enough times how amazing e was in looking after me while I was there. I would not expect any boy who I thought had potential to go “Well, no chemistry… have fun in my city won’t you? Buh-bye now…”, but I would not have been surprised (nor would I have blamed him) if he had backed off a little from all the plans that he had made for us. He was just as disappointed as I was that it didn’t work out, so it wasn’t just me who had to deal with it.

He didn’t back off to lick his wounds, though. He was a most wonderful host, and I think we did pretty much everything that he had planned for my stay.

So, some of the fun stuff:

  • Having things organised for me. Oh my, I LOVE it when I can just turn up and be taken here and there without having to think about it or lift a finger. Bliss!
  • The natural history museum… who knew rocks and stuffed animals could be so much fun?! For those following along, can you believe that the bonobo monkey sex talk was FULL… we did not get in! Really, how many perverts must there be in a place where a talk about bonobo monkey sex fills a room on a Friday night?!
  • Lots of fabulous cocktail bars, each one having its own atmosphere and specialties. The most memorable being one with a dingy little entryway that led up to a reception room, from which you walked through a closet (an actual closety-closet, complete with clothes hanging in it) to gain entry to a fabulous chandeliered, spiral staircased old-style bar.
  • Wonderful meals cooked by e (I adore being cooked for!), with the standout being a vanilla prawn dish… yum!
  • Going to see contemporary art, with e explaining arty things to me patiently like I am a small child, and then being incredulously horrified that I would call a sculpture ‘the chicken’ (it totally looked like a chicken!).
  • Cuddles with e’s terribly cute dog, who is like a local celebrity in the neighbourhood. I miss having a dog to pet, it is so lovely and centering, an end in itself.
  • Great food in various places, from delicious restaurant/bar food to random things picked up at the supermarket that I had never had before.
  • A BDSM porn movie premiere, where there were eleventy billion gorgeous naked or half naked women and only one man in a kilt (yes, I totally honed in on him and had him twirl prettily for me).
  • A wonderful day exploring at a nearby beach, browsing shops, eating cute food, walking along the waterfront
  • Getting to try on harnesses at a sex shop (the Jaguar Minx & Spareparts Joque, which were my top two) and then buying my awesome new harness and wearing it inappropriately around my apartment afterwards
  • General sweetness and silliness… negotiated hand holding and swinging (no more than 16 degrees!), demanding cheek kisses, threatening e with punching (right in the sternum!), actual punching (he totally deserved it!), e taking my shoes off and putting them on for me at his home, lovely hugs, cute text messages when we were apart, car and chair dancing, wrapping up to watch bad movies.

So, yes, in the scheme of things, and putting aside the ‘no play/sex/love’ thing, it was a pretty damn fine vacation.

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  1. I agree with you both. I LOVE not having to worry about stuff like that… just having to show up and look pretty. *sigh*

    As for the rest, Ferns, you’re my hero. :) Also, the guy in the kilt is my hero. Him too.

    1. “I LOVE not having to worry about stuff like that… just having to show up and look pretty.”

      That times a hundred!

      “As for the rest, Ferns, you’re my hero.”

      *laugh* I’m not sure why, but I will totally take it!

      “Also, the guy in the kilt is my hero. Him too.”

      Him, he definitely was. And the twirling was completely adorable…


  2. So e’s still single?

    Too soon???

    I joke… I’m not single… but you could like write up an ad for him and sell him off to one of your girly friends!

    I love the organizing thingy too. That would totally rock. Its amusing the perception that if a woman wants to control you physically and maybe mentally (in an oh sweet sorta way, no really! *smiles sweet) that she must want to control everything. Treat me, spoil me, show me a VACATION! That sounds awesome!

    And it seems to me that you and e did have some sort of chemistry, just not the sex/play/love kind. So it could have been disastrous had that not been the case. Yay for holiday with someone groovy!

    1. “So e’s still single? Too soon???”

      *laugh* He totally is, ladies…

      I will happily pimp him out for a finder’s fee. I’ve already pretty much put up an entire series of ‘e is awesome’ ad posts…!

      “Its amusing the perception that if a woman wants to control you physically and maybe mentally… that she must want to control everything.”

      I know, right? That’s so weird to me. I adore being organised by someone else. Then I get to swan about all relaxed and fabulous-like.

      “And it seems to me that you and e did have some sort of chemistry, just not the sex/play/love kind.”

      Yes, we really did get along well, it was an easy, warm and affectionate friendship (with occasional snarling, bristling and eye rolling… heh).

      “Yay for holiday with someone groovy!”

      Yes!! Yay!


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