Sunday curiosity #2

I was happy to get some new questions in my last Sunday Curiosity… two is the minimum for a post, that’s what I figured using very scientific and risky mathematical equations and complex algorithms, besides which, it’s my blog, my rules etc.

So here goes with some cute Q&A…

Anonymous said…

What does your “snowflake” category mean? Some of the posts evoke memories of my ex for me, someone I still feel deeply connected to even though he’s hundreds of miles away, so I’m very curious.

Snowflake was the nickname I gave to my last submissive (unique, like a snowflake), so I can understand that it might evoke ‘ex-like’ memories with you. I started this blog not so long after I released him so had some sweet and painful thoughts about him that I didn’t want to have turn into bitterness, so quite a few of my early posts were reflections on that relationship. 

arnaut rosseau said…

Hello Ferns,

I was going to make a comment for your last post, but I didn’t so know I thought I’d ask a question now.

Do you have any favorite books or authors?

That’s it. I ask it of everyone.

And if you don’t remember, we meet though Fetlife. You commented on some articles concerning the large amount of bad Femdom erotica in relation to the good Femdom erotica (i.e. your blog). Again, Thank you for sending me a link.

Hello arnaut rosseau,

Of course I remember you, and thank you for your question.

I read fiction, easily digestible and (mostly) forgettable…  I don’t have favourite authors, but I DO have some favourite books.

My absolute favourite is Catch 22, which is one of the few books that I have read multiple times at different stages in my life and each time I got something completely different out of it (teens… incomprehensible; 20s… misogynist; 30s… brilliant).  It is about time I read it again.  More recent favourites – The Time Traveller’s Wife (don’t go and see the movie, read the book instead, brilliant and original), The Lovely Bones (I just saw that they have made a movie of this one also… ugh!), King Rat left an impression on me for some reason I can’t quite fathom, Meat which is fabulous airport fiction that surprised me by being about humans kept as cattle, bred, milked and killed for food.

Anonymous dave said…

When you were looking, was there some characteristic about a submissive that would make you dismiss him outright?


Hmmm… I think if you substitute the word ‘man’ for ‘submissive’ in the question above, it is a lot clearer.

I enjoy submissive men very much, they have a quality that vanilla men do not, but when I first meet them, I don’t want to meet the submissive, I want to meet the man. He is not my submissive until we agree that he is, so the men that I like, that I will engage with, that I will build something with, are those who are men first… I like smart, funny, articulate, well rounded, intellectually interesting, emotionally well balanced men.

In terms of characteristics that I dislike… really, any of the things that anyone dislikes… dishonesty, bad hygiene, arrogance, inflated ego, idiocy, stupidity, dullness, boorishness, -isms etc etc.

Specifically related to submission, I cannot take seriously those men who lead with their submission, who offer it up on a platter to me before they know me, who don’t really care who I am as long as I am ‘a dominant woman’. I find this no different to a strange man coming up to me and offering to be my boyfriend when they don’t even know me.  Creepy and strange, right?  That is a testament to their character, to the fact that they primarily seek someone (anyone!) to fulfil a place in their fantasy and any cardboard cutout Domme will do. Ugh… ugly!  I assume that they eventually learn not to do that, or they hook up with ‘insta-Dommes’ who expect every submissive man to be submissive to *them* (‘how dare you look me in the eye when you talk to me?!’ or ‘you must address me as GoddessBitchyPants and be grateful I give you the time of day’ at the first hello)… ahhh… a match made in heaven…

I am finding these questions to be great fun… if anyone wants to ask others, please add them as comments to this post and I will happily do my best to answer them.

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  1. So nice to learn more about you. I don't know why, but knowing you're in your 40s adds so much more depth to your writings, as a woman who has the maturity and experience that you do, your not a 20-something idealist.

    My question for you is this: If I were to pass by you, say, at the grocery store or post office or school or on the street, would I see any evidence that you are a dominant woman, is ther any distinguishing characteristic?

    Perhaps the question is somewhat rhetorical. I just wonder about that as I see women out in regular life, and I think “hmm, I wonder if she has a crop and strapon at home, and an obedient and happy boy.”

  2. Hi there……englishmale again….love this way of doing things….my first question is…..I have read your profile from the beginning and it seems to be more erotic stories at the beginning, when you met, how it first happened. Now you seem to be talking less in that style. Do you agree your writing has changed and why would you say this is the case? Question 2. What are you wearing ;)?

  3. englishmale: Is that you, dan? I searched for 'englishmale' in my last 'curiosity' posts, but didn't find you…

    I will answer your questions on Sunday, but am quite interested to know if anyone else has the same observation as you about my writing. If so, pipe up! Am I evolving into another, different creature?


  4. Sorry yes it is dan – englishman – I have just read back on some earlier posts. If you look back to November 2008, for instance “biting”, it comes across to me as scary, dangerous, its like he is their for your physical pleasure, you dont really care for him…..fashforward to November 2009 and it is more about your feelings to him, your love, talk of heart. You love comes across a lot. I know you don't take other men but wonder how you would write about a session with them?

  5. dan – englishman again…….why dont you show more of yourself on here? Other people do the usual HNT but not you? Scared of people discovering you or do you think the illusion would be shattered? Or simply us pervs should get our kicks somewhere else ;)?

    am i becoming a stalker?

    feels weird having read you so much to be corresponding. you ever talk on msn?

  6. dan: Hello there, welcome back and with more Sunday questions!

    “am i becoming a stalker?”

    Well, if you are aiming for 'stalker', I do think you have to practice being creepier and weirder, plus I believe you have to aim for incoherence. You can work up to it… it's good to have goals.


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