Shameless self promotion

I am rubbish at doing my own self promotion, even when I am given a prime opportunity!!

Look look!!! Waaayyy back in October I was on a “Top Sex Bloggers of 2010” list

This is the list that I forced coerced nagged encouraged you to pimp my blog for in a childish display of petulance and foot stomping, then I didn’t even gloat and show off when I made the list!!

So, a belated thank you to those who nominated me (and also some gloating and unappealing showing off)!!

[ETA Oct 2017: I just discovered that the blogger that used to do the Top 100 Sex Blogs is gone so all links to my glory and to other fabulous blogs over quite a few years of ‘Top 100s’ are gone also :/]

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  1. *Takes Ms Ferns by her wonderful ear*
    Tugs her by her nice nose over to the side of the couch.
    Bends her over.
    *two swift swats*
    Stands her up.
    Naughty! How forgetful. And no cupcakes , even, for those who followed your appeal.
    But at least it shows where *your* priorities lie! And it isn't basking in your awesomeness on the net, even though you ARE awesome :)
    *Gives you a nice big hug!*


  2. Clarence: “… [Clarence's fantasy]…”

    Your fertile imagination is a scary place where matter meets anti-matter and the fabric of the known universe is torn asunder… your exposure of it here is profoundly disturbing.

    “… [talk of cupcakes, awesomeness and a hug]…”

    See, now you're talking!


  3. LOL!

    So your bottom is anti-matter! I'm going to try that line the next time some Domme or female switch is looking at my behind in a most…suspicious manner.

    I love it. Thanks for the laugh.

    And yeah, cupcakes and hugs are awesome. :) I hope you win the award again some day.


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