Potential to… not…

Hello InterestingManWhoMightNeedaCuteNickIfThisGoesAnywhere,

Thank you for your honesty, I appreciate it, and I do understand. The way I do things will not suit everyone, in fact I would venture to say it suits very few.

Thank you also for the time you have spent corresponding with me, you have been very open throughout and I know that was asking a lot.

I think you have a lot to offer the right woman and wish you the very best in finding what you are looking for.



So, what happened? My pace was too slow for him, he honestly and forthrightly said it wasn’t working for him. That’s fair enough, and kudos to him for saying so.

It was more than just that, though. There was no real connection, as I mentioned earlier, the correspondence was not really firing for either of us. I was persevering *despite* that because he did seem to genuinely be a lovely man with a lot of good qualities, and I thought we might still get there. He thought that moving forward faster would fix it. I have enough experience and know myself well enough to know that it wouldn’t…

I have a view, unshakeable, that correspondence with a potential should be joyful, light and fun and exciting. It should be a delight for both of us… it should have that thing… that thing… you know, *that thing*… when you squirm with pleasure because there is another message from them and it makes you laugh and challenges you and makes you itch to respond and hits those parts of your brain that fire up yearning and intense curiosity. That, in and of itself, is pure pleasure of the kind that holds potential and if it’s there, then there is no reason to rush past it as if it’s something that is in the way of the bigger prize. In this case, it just wasn’t there.

It’s a shame, but so it goes.

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