I asked for links to pictures of hot boys… and one of them produced something lovely (thank you, dave94… that’s two mentions in as many days!).

There are some images that just work in my head, and sometimes I am not sure why.

This one… makes me feel all swoony, even though the themes in it are kind of hit and miss to me (collar, yes; chastity, yes; chastity device, meh; PIV sex implied by the strap on, meh…)… and yet, and yet… it’s beautiful and sexy and delicious both in his inherent prettiness, his masculinity, his objectification and what it says about his submission, about his place, about his restrictions, about who he is to her.

It makes my stomach flip over just so. It makes me go “Oh…”

Just… “Oh…”

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  1. ewww boys

    I will have to write to the editor re this blatent sexism……………

    Oh wait damn you are the editor

    Curses foiled again


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