Water torture

I lay him in the empty bath on his back, cover his face with a damp washcloth, stroking it smooth against his skin.

I hold the cup of water above him, and pour it slowly over the cloth, the sticky terry toweling gaining weight, clinging to the shape of him, his eyes, his nostrils, his mouth.

I see him open his mouth further, like the silent scream, he gurgles, trying to blow the fabric off his mouth as the water slides into it and down to the back of his throat, I watch the material sucking into his mouth as he tries to get air, the steady stream of water unforgiving, his body tensing, his chest rising and falling more quickly, he is making odd sounds, but is not panicing yet. I can see him concentrating on breathing, calming himself, making wet sounds against the washcloth.

The water runs out, he feels a quick reprieve, he draws air in quickly through the wetness, he knows he hasn’t much time, his dehumanised body convulsing as if every cell is trying to grab oxygen from the air, his cock hard from fear and anticipation of more. He sucks desperately through the cloth for air.

I refill the cup, I whisper nothing to him, he whimpers before the next stream of water hits the cloth. There are sucking sounds echoing through the room as he swallows water and air, the wetness of the cloth stifling him, and still I let the water run over his face, he squirms and tries not to panic, his faceless body straining against the sides of the bath, the wet desperate sucking sounds are frightening, he tries not to let the fabric gag him, pushing it out with his tongue even as he sucks it in wetly with his breath.

This… this is what it feels like to drown in a cup of water.

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  1. Secretive Slave: “The act of this kind of torture is very dark. I feel like through it you are very somber.”

    It is dark, yes… it was totally new territory for both of us, it was quiet and serious and cautious and I wanted it to be scary for him. Somber is a good word for it.

    I tested it on myself before I did it to him (try this at home, kids!) and it is scary, claustrophobic shit!

    “Maybe there is anger or sadness behind this play? I'm not sure why but that's how I felt reading it.”

    Interesting that you felt that… there was certainly no anger. There was not meant to be sadness either, but it is a memory of something that is gone, so… maybe.


  2. It's totally spiffy Ferns and if you want to make it even more cloying use scented water use heavy scent like jasmine patchouli etc etc


  3. Secretive Slave: “The fact that you knew you were going to take him to a scary place because you visited it before, is what makes you such a good role model.”

    *smile* As a role model I do waaayyy too many wrong things, but thank you for the lovely thought.


  4. Coug: “…if you want to make it even more cloying use scented water use heavy scent like jasmine patchouli etc etc”

    Cloying on top of drowning?! Eeek!! I think you should go speak with the CIA about your ideas… I am sure they would be grateful!


  5. Did I mention this? No one ever wants to make something more cloying. Cloyers shall forever after be made to visit the dungeon of thesauruses or thesaurii. To cloy is to tickle pumpkins, who caint feel it.

  6. Anonymous: “To cloy is to tickle pumpkins, who caint feel it.”

    I say that *all* the time, but who will listen, hmmm? Nobody! Least of all the CIA!



  7. Kit O'Connell: “The sub I was watching safeworded quickly then changed her mind and wanted more a moment later.”

    I can understand that. I think it is one of those things that is really frightening in it, but that feeling seems oddly not to linger.

    Similarly, when we talked about this afterwards, my boy thought he could easily have taken more. It was the first time I played with this, so I erred on the side of caution, I found it quite hard to judge where he was in it, so *I* found it a little frightening also.


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