Who do you look like?

I am soooo doing a post just about this because it made me laugh my head off…

Find My Doppelganger is a site that allows you to upload a photo of yourself and it matches you with the ten celebrities it thinks you look most like.

They claim that “[it] utilizes cutting edge facial recognition technology to find your lookalike.”

It also matches you with other registered users… you can then contact the people who look like you (why why? It’s a mystery… “Hello, we look alike, shall we make scary clone-like babies?!”)!

I am a 71% match with Tara Reid (yeah, really, I’m not!). Maybe they meant this.

I am also a 71% match with Tata Young (no, I had never heard of her either) and
a 70% match with Angelina Jolie (yes, really, it’s true!!).

After that comes the following:

68% Diane Kruger
68% Elizabeth Berkley

So now you have an image of me all cute and such… wait for it… there’s more:

68% Nicholas Cage
68% Sebastian Bach
67% David Beckham (Oh come on, you didn’t seriously expect a face shot did you?)
67% Daniel Radcliff
66% Alan Smith

Brilliant and hilarious!

A guy in New York told me I looked like Anna Paquin. I’m disappointed she didn’t come up as a match… Oh Anna, whatever happened to us… *sigh*.

So go and do it and tell us all who you look like!! Fun!

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  1. Brids: “Sorry! Face Not Found in Image!”

    Haehehaeaehea!! You have no face???!!!! Wow! Poor you!

    Did you follow the guidelines? There are guidelines you know!


  2. Well, if I was female, about 20 years younger, had long blonde hair, and a gorgeous body, people would tell me I look *Just* like Adriana Sklenaříková. I'd say “Yeah, everyone tells me that”

    Adriana Sklenaříková 72%

    I am on old guy but nobody ever tells me I look like
    Eric Clapton … 66%

    Others include:
    Britt Ekland … 65%
    Jared Leto … 63%
    Luce Lawless … 62% … I've had a crush on her since she was Xena
    Nicholas Brendon … 61%

  3. Wow. And I thought chemo was depressing!

    Donald Trump 63%
    Alec Baldwin 63%
    Jared Leto 62%
    Alan Rickman 61%
    Charles Boyer 61%
    Ethan Hawke 61%
    Robbie Coltrane 60%
    David Bowie 60%
    Tori Amos 60%

  4. Étienne: “Wow. And I thought chemo was depressing!”

    *laugh* Donald Trump?! Really? So the secret is out… you wear a bad toupee out in public… who knew?!

    The others, though, are ok… very manly, interesting looking men's men (ok, not Tori, obviously)…


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