Hot boys

I pimp Male Submission Art (ETA: The site is long gone) all the time, and not just because my boy is on there.

Today I followed a link on my Twitter feed (wow, see, Twitter is good for something other than telling you what I had for lunch (chicken curry, since you asked)…) and found these photos by Midori.  Yummy!

Which leads me to ask… Do any of you have links to pictures of beautiful submissive men?  If so, let me know.  I’m sure I am not the only one who would love to have a perve at them appreciate their artistic qualities…

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  1. Secretive Slave: “Not so much boys but sexy women in sexy fetish wear”

    *skeptical look* I haven't peeked yet, but you had BETTER NOT be pointing me to stereotypical femdom porn pictures, because you know I won't like it…


  2. Secretive Slave: “Well they aren't really femdom just more fetish fashion, mainly pics of only women :|”

    Yes, well, pics of stereotypical femdommery I can find all by myself… they are *everywhere*!!!

    Hot boys, Secretive Slave… HOT BOYS!

    “please don't hate me!”

    I won't, I promise. An honest mistake from someone who… errrmmm… thinks hot boys means… ermmm… something else. I must be clearer in future.


  3. Jake: “…not sure if it's quite your taste but worth a shot!”

    It *was* worth a shot, and not bad photos. Now if you could just get yourself tied up, kneeling, with welts, puppy dog eyes and perhaps some leather cuffs, that would be grand. Work on that will you?


  4. Dymion: “Hope you enjoy it. Or most of it.”

    A little too cock-centric for my liking (I *am* fussy, aren't I?), but I can certainly find things in there that I like… phew.

    Thank you!


  5. Ferne – not sure why my previous suggestion ( changed it's theme to submissive women but pics before Jan. 2011 are mostly male submission. check archive. sorry. as a peace offering, here is another one that I have checked recently:
    it is about slave grumpy's suggestion of play/scenes he'd like to have with his mistress.

  6. dave94: “sorry.”

    No no… not at all, they were an interesting range, and enough of particular interest to be well worthwhile.

    “…as a peace offering, here is another one that I have checked recently”

    Heh… see now you have lost me. These are not at all about hot boys, they are about stereotypical hot Dommes doing stuff to boys. This kind of material I can find anywhere and everywhere, much to my dismay…


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