Did I mention that I bought new shoes? Pretty aren’t they?

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  1. Faith: “Beautiful shoes…I wish I could walk in heels…gracefully.”

    *laugh* I know what you mean! I have walked on tip toes since I was a child (my niece does this also, I have no idea why!) and got my first pair of heels when I was 9 or 10 (how I managed to nag my mother into that I can't recall – my parents were uber conservative!) so I managed to get pretty good at the high heels thing.

    I do, however, have one pair of heels that I can barely walk in… they are more for 'lounging' and looking fabulous than actually stepping out…


  2. I remember before following your blog I had a boot fetish. Your gorgeous collection of heels have definitely given me a heel fetish and I can’t thank you enough! Those heels look lovely on you.

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