Marking territory

I push him down to his knees and pull his mouth against me. He shoves his face into my cunt and licks at me, eager, desperate. I let him thrust his tongue into me, hold him hard against me, shove my hips towards him, his movements insistent and rhythmic, I close my eyes and relax into him. I push-pull at his head, moving it away from me, turning it. He fights me, kisses whatever part of my body he can reach, his lips and tongue caressing my skin. I feel him angling to get back to my cunt.

“I’m going to mark you,” I tell him softly.

He nods against my leg.

“Yes, please Ma’am.”

He leans into me, turns his head to kiss my thigh, rubs his cheek against my skin.

I rock myself against him, concentrating.

He waits, but can’t keep still, turning his face into my thigh, my cunt, licking at me until I push his head away, his tongue and attention distracting me.

Finally, a tentative stream trickles warmly over his cheek, his shoulder, he makes a sound and turns his face into me. I feel him licking at me, trying to catch the liquid in his mouth, I pull him closer against me. The stream is stronger now, and I feel him swallowing, his mouth and throat working, desperately trying to make a seal against my cunt, sucking at me.

He drinks from me, I am inside and all over him, marking him as mine. I have to concentrate so as to not be distracted by his mouth on me, trying to get inside me.

When the flow slows and finally stops, he still licks at me, seeking to stay connected, I stroke his head gently, holding him against me. When I step back I feel his disappointment, his loss.

I lean down and look into his doe eyes, he meets my gaze, his breathing audibly strained in the silence, a slight moaning in the back of his throat communicating with me, he is so close, so impossibly close.

I kiss him gently, I am thinking ‘Mine’, but I say nothing.

If you want to read about this from the other side, click here: ‘Marking territory – his perspective’.

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