New boots

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  1. Hi Sx….knowing how tall you are..i must say contemplating you towering over me is a delicious thought!
    Wonderful and hot looking boots and sexy “pins”!
    Have fun with your boots and your man!!
    regards amusoman

  2. amusoman: “Wonderful and hot looking boots and sexy “pins”!”

    Thank you… aren't they great?! I stand around 6'4 in these, my tallosity factor multiplied!


  3. They certainly are great!! Hope it allows you to tower over any men who may be visiting!!
    Careful with those heels on naked flesh!!
    You could pierce something vital!!
    tomorrow i am looking for tall women at the shopping mall to enjoy in your honour!!

  4. Damn Sx, one hour in a busy crowded shopping mall and not one woman spotted even near 6 feet tall even!!! Did nt get to imagine it was you in your hot sexy boots at all!!
    damn again!!
    smiles brendan

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