The pretty

The thing I am beginning to like about rope is that it can make a pretty boy even prettier. It whispers of acquiescence and helplessness in a way that hastily clipped together cuffs does not. It is concentration and patience and acceptance.

And plus… a boy’s tiny arse in boxer briefs accentuated by design… ?! Well, the appeal of that is just obvious…

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  1. Coug: “Oh nice job”

    Thank you!

    “I just bet you had your tongue poking out of the side of your mouth as you did it though”

    Pffftt… I did not, I had my stern domly Domme face on, and you can't prove otherwise!!


  2. Actually that's a very easy one Coug, you just make knots along the length of rope and pull the loops through. Like here (
    Though it's really pretty, was my favorite to use on my last sub.

    I hate an aquaintance of mine for doing this though, I've got noone to practice on atm and trying to solve it just in my mind gives me headaches >.>

    Hope I didn't give away a secret you wanted to keep Ferns ;)

    ~ Chí

  3. Chí: “Hope I didn't give away a secret you wanted to keep Ferns”

    *chuckle* No secrets, it is the only one I have done before, so it was a logical starting point, and it is just so pretty.

    “Easy”, though, is relative. Compared to cuffs and clips… yeah, not so much…


  4. Are you sure he had a 'tiny arse', Miss Ferns? It's just that my own, I feel, is greatly superior in terms of smallness and tightness. Like two walnuts being rubbed together, so a former GF once told me.

    Actually, thinking about it, and with all due humility:

    My arse rules.

    Sir Puppington Lothian.

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