Putting him to bed

I put you to bed at 5am, some four hours ago, and I am thinking about you now, trying to work, instead, thinking about you, naked and tied, thinking about you saying ‘thank you Ma’am’ to me, thinking about you, and it’s incredibly hot. I have the entire reel in my head and I play it with different themes (hard, hissy, snarly ‘get on that bed now, boy’ with slapping and spitting; or it being all about sex, scratchy, grabby, rubbing, wet; or it being sweet, soft, gentle, coaxing, kissing), all a little different, all hugely sexy in their own way and I am not sure which I like best. Though you were doe-eyed and sleepy, and your ‘is that okay?’ made me melt, so it was more sweet than anything, this putting you to bed.

‘Take off your boxers, baby, and lie down there for me’, stroking you, touching that bruise you have, the purple one, leaning down to kiss it, unable to resist sinking my teeth in to hear you gasp, and whispering ‘sorry baby’ and laughing softly.

Sitting on the centre of the bed, the sole reason for which is to lie over your chest and stretch along you as I wrap the tie around your wrist, you watch me, leaning on you as I knot it, checking that it’s tight, jerking your wrist against it, then lifting your arm to check how much room you have to move. Leaning then over your lower body, feeling you hard against me. Lying across you to reach your ankle, wrapping the tie around it, and securing it to the bed, pulling it to make sure it’s not going to come undone.

Coming back up to look at your face, you give me a half smile, you look sweet, grateful, vulnerable, expectant. Lying full length on top of you, feeling the warmth of your skin through my clothes, holding both of your hands above your head, fingers entwined, my legs on top of your legs, and yes, I can feel your cock and I shift against it, reaching up for your mouth. Just touching my lips to yours, soft, barely there, a tiny taste of you with my tongue, nudging against your mouth, which makes you crane your neck towards me to try and deepen the kiss, and I press up against your mouth and kiss you hard, my tongue finding yours and forcing your mouth open a little more so I can get further inside you.

And I kiss you for a long time, hearing soft inarticulate sounds of pleasure, yours or mine, I can’t tell, and I can feel you shifting under me, your hips tensing, wanting to push up against me, but you know that’s likely to stop the kissing, so you hold back. And it’s your bedtime and you are tired, can barely keep your eyes open, though I know you wouldn’t argue if I was to stay there, kissing you. And I finally whisper goodnight and I stroke your face and check the bindings before I leave, locking the door behind me.

I wonder if you drifted off, but given you don’t sleep well at the best of times, I doubt it. I imagine you are hard, uncomfortable, exhausted, unable to sleep and you are starting to think this is going to be difficult, and I know you want to do this for me, and you are squirming, shuffling, feeling the ties, and kind of liking that, but wondering if you are going to get any sleep at all, maybe wondering why you said yes to this, asked for it even.

And that, all that, is incredibly hot for me, imagining you there, tethered to your bed, naked, doing this for me. Delicious.

Loves: 9
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  1. Ma’am, I just found your blog and this post. My head is absolutely spinning right now. This is basically my exact fantasy word for word I’ve had since I was younger. It’s amazing to know someone of the opposite gender has these fantasies as well! All the best.

      1. I can already tell I’m going to get addicted to your blog, Ma’am. You put everything into words so eloquently and have a beautiful mind. Have a good night, pretty lady.

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