Kiss goodbye

I kiss you goodbye, a quick kiss, I think, and I reach for you, kneeling there beside the bed, I hold your face up to me, licking at your upper lip, dipping my tongue behind it and drawing it into my mouth to lap at it, feeling your tongue chasing mine and opening my mouth wider to take more of you into me. I am gentle with you for a long time, tender, nudging and tasting you, until I suck your lips, your tongue into my mouth, biting down on them suddenly, nibbling and nipping at them, then sucking hard, trying to swallow them, making it hurt you, like I will pull pieces of you into my mouth and swallow them.

You make a soft moaning sound and I feel you open up for me, I want to take more and I know you want to give it and I pull at you, force you up and backwards backwards, your neck and spine bent awkwardly over my knees, and I hold you there, arched, face-up across my lap, leaning over you, shoving my mouth against you and you are made helpless with my closing you in, trapping you with my hands, my arms, my body, and you reach up to me even as I smash my teeth into the softness of your lips, even as I cover your mouth and nose and stop you breathing.

My need to have more of you is fed by having more of you, I always want more of you.

If you want to know how this felt from the other side, my boy has written about this kiss from his perspective here: Other kiss goodbye

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  1. anonymous: Thank you. Sometimes the simple things are the hottest… sometimes the toys and equipment and 'scenes' make too much noise.


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