New shoes

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  1. Lady HotchKiss: I want to say 'thank you' as if I had something to do with making them!

    Aren't they fabulous? I am in shoe heaven!


  2. i love them! i'm attracted to the shoes that would traditionally be associated with a Domme as i have actually been asked in the past if i am, right in front of my Daddy. He likes the shoes too though, so as long as He knows, no matter!

  3. jholliday: I love them also! I am curious about what constitutes 'Domme shoes' vs 'sub shoes' though…

    Locks on them so that they cannot be removed or styled so that they restrict movement I can see as submissive's shoes… but Domme shoes…

    I do have a pair of boots with removable chains that can be used as restraints… now *those* are Domme boots!


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