I feel the softness of your lips under mine, their dancing movements inviting me in, and I nudge your mouth open, apply a little more pressure. I feel the hint of a smile, you know how much I love this, it always makes you smile, which makes me smile, but not enough to interrupt the kissing.

I hold your face up to me, my fingers splayed across your jawline, your cheeks, I pull you closer and you lean further into me. Our tongues touch and I am already ravenous, but I hold back for the softness and the teasing, until you moan, until you reach for me, until you will do anything. I swallow your breath and the catch in your throat and you are perfect, this mouth, this tongue, inviting that soft desire that is rising in my throat, it wants to bring the violence.

I put a hand around your throat, squeezing and using it to pull you closer, I feel your swallowing against my fingers, your breaths passing underneath and my mouth starts to demand more of you, starts to react with greed to you. You feel it and I know it makes you yearn, makes you want to open everything to me, makes you want to slide down to my feet and shed your skin for me, makes you want to offer it all.

I tighten my grip and feel you try to relax into it even as your breathing becomes more difficult and I cover your mouth with mine, taking now, your breath, your sighs, your gasps, the constriction makes you moan into my mouth and you are trying to give me more of yourself in the kiss, my teeth against your lips, I am growling in the back of my throat, and you make a whimpering sound that makes me want to devour you, pulling you hard against my mouth, trying to get inside you as you try and give me what I want.

I’ll take it all baby, give it to me.

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  1. man possessed:
    Yes!… kissing, kissing is my favourite.And I totally agree, sometimes they are so intense that you forget to breath and every breath that comes after that has a desperate sound in it and I adore that.


  2. Your writing takes our breath away! I agree, I don’t think there’s anything more wonderful than those rare, beautiful kisses that take you, hold you, possess you … melt you so completely. Mmmmmmmmm.

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