Your voice

I love your voice… I just love it. You have a perfect voice for sex, for play, for pain, for desperate need, for begging, for breathing my name, it is so so beautiful and I love how you talk to me and I love how you say Ma’am and I love how you murmur to yourself and I love that every strike makes you gasp or groan and I love the way you breath, heavy and loud and I love how you swear and I love how you repeat my words back at me and I love how you tell me what you are thinking about… all of it, it’s so fucking sexy.

I have your voice in my head and listen to it like audio-porn over and over and there is something in it that makes me feel like I am melting from the inside and opening up, like my stomach is going to cave in because everything inside is now like molten lava, and that liquid is going to pour out of my cunt, like a lurch that has turned to God and can no longer punch me.

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