Domme space

My vision closes in until there is only him, there is nothing else, only me and him…

Time slows down, it feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest and the joy and lust rise like a wave from there. I feel like I am not even consciously thinking anymore, just feeling and doing, it is completely instinctual, like my essence knows what I want even though my mind is so high it isn’t really engaging.

If I get into Domme space, there is no way I would interrupt it for anything, he becomes a tool to feed the space and while I will never feel a connection or a love as strongly as I do at that time, I also never feel *his* place in relation to me more strongly.

I come down from it like a drug, slowly.

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  1. I believe I went through Domme-space myself. This happened just a couple of days ago. I Domme online and I had this massive head rush after talking to my subs. It was like being high. Is Domme-space different for everyone? I wonder…

    1. That sounds just lovely :).

      And yes, I think it’s different for everyone, though I’ve seen a lot of women describe it with the same hyper-focus I have felt.


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