Wash me

He was kneeling on the edge of the bed, she put a blindfold on him, smoothing the silk over his eyes. Unable to resist his mouth, she kissed him again, nudging at his lips, soft kisses, opening his mouth with hers, gently licking at his tongue, holding him at the back of his neck to bring him to her, his mouth searching for her as she pulled away.

‘Undress me’ she instructed him.

He felt blindly for her fitted t-shirt, and pulled it up over her head. His fingers gently touched her skin, tracing her bra to the clasp at the back. He struggled to undo it. She remained silent, still, a smile on her face as she felt him start to get frustrated with it. It finally came undone and he sighed with relief and pulled it off, her breasts free, nipples hardening in the cool air. He moved on to her jeans, belt and zipper already undone. He pulled them down over her hips and couldn’t reach down further from his position on the bed. She sat on the bed beside him, holding her legs up in front of him, touching his chest with them, he felt for them and pulled her jeans off. She pushed him backwards gently with pressure on his chest and he sat back on his heels. She lowered her legs into his lap.

He touched her knee high boots, running his fingers from the toe, feeling for the zipper on the inside leg. He pulled the zipper down, grabbed the bottom of the boot and tried to pull it off. ‘By the heel’, she whispered, and he nodded, pulling at the stiletto heel, the boot slipping off. He repeated the process with the other boot. His hands then gently felt their way back up her legs, finding the soft fabric of her panties. He slid his fingers into the sides of her panties and she lifted her arse off the bed to allow him to pull them down.

She got up off the bed and stood naked before his blindfolded eyes. She pressed her body up against him, holding his hands behind his back, feeling the warmth of skin on skin, the wetness on his boxers against her hip. He pushed forward against her to get more contact, she took his mouth again, she couldn’t get enough of it, he was delicious.

She pulled him off the bed. ‘Take off your boxers’. He complied quickly, and her eyes travelled his naked body, lean, hard, expectant, his shallow breaths making his body vibrate. His nervous expression made her hunger, made her want to kiss him again, but she refrained. Instead, she took both of his hands in hers and led him into the bathroom. She put him into position in front of the open shower door and made him kneel.

‘Wash me’, she said and put a pump pack of liquid soap into his hand as she stepped into the shower, turning it on.

He made his hands soapy, and leaned into the shower to wash her. She watched him concentrating, his cock hard as he reached blindly for her. He found her thigh, but moved down quickly to start at her feet, she lifted them for him and he washed first one, then the other with care. His hands slid soapy up her legs, gently, yet insistently moving up one leg, then down the other, and again, slipping over her wet body, glancing over her pussy, pausing to soap up, his hands ran over her stomach, his fingers spread, reaching up to her breasts, his touch made her nipples harden, and he caught them between his fingers before moving up to her shoulders, then down first one arm then the other. His hands were gliding again and again up and down her body until she turned to let him reach her back and he pressed his fingers harder against her shoulders, the small of her back and gentle again over her arse, and back down her legs.

When he was done, he pulled back, kneeling up at the entrance to the shower, ‘Ok Ma’am?’, he asked. She ignored him and rinsed, turning the shower off when she finished.

‘Sit back on your heels’. He immediately did as he was told, his unseeing eyes tilted up towards her. She stepped out of the shower and stood over him, dripping water onto his skin. She looked down at his blindfolded face, gripped his hair and took a half step forward, pushing his head backwards, she stepped over him, shoving her pussy against his mouth. He immediately opened his mouth and started licking at her. Watching him made her crazy, his head bent back, half of his face obscured by her pussy, the other half covered by the blindfold, he looked unrecognisable, anonymous, his mouth and tongue desperately working to please her. She rocked against him, rubbing against his mouth as he lapped at her, her breath quickening.

She leaned back from him, ‘Stick out your tongue’, she said softly. He complied quickly, and she held his head still by his hair and slid her pussy up and down on his tongue. She moved his head backwards and forwards in rhythm with her movements, his tongue sliding against her over and again. She knew he was dying to lick at her, but he obediently kept his tongue out and still as she rubbed herself against it. With a soft moan, she pulled away from him. His face was wet, from the water or from her pussy it was impossible to tell. He kept his mouth open, his tongue out, waiting for her to come back to him, straining towards her.

She passed him a towel and felt his disappointment as he he dried her carefully.

‘Moisturiser’, she said, and she caught his smile as he eagerly held out his hand for the lotion. She handed it to him, and he started, again, at her feet.

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  1. WOW Ferns this is one of the hottest of ya stories l’ve read yet, l love the way you describe the kissing scenes, forced kissing deep kissings are a very big turn on for me.YUMMM

  2. Washing my mistress would be a wonderful thing to be able to do. The sight of her wet and shiny in the shower, the feel of her skin . . .The thought of his licking her in that position is good, of course. But the way he holds his tongue still for her to use herself on it – that’s the truly blissful part for me. I think you know why. xxxx

  3. anonymous xxxx: No sight allowed… touch only… men are such visual creatures, it’s fun to deprive them sometimes.And no, really, I don’t know why… you will have to come and explain it to me.Ferns

  4. “She leaned back from him, ‘Stick out your tongue’, she said softly. He complied quickly, and she held his head still by his hair and slid her pussy up and down on his tongue.” Ma’am, those two sentences are the hottest thing I have ever read! This is so sexy I feel like I need to take a shower…but I would rather help someone else now.

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