When I get like this

When I get like this… when I get like this, I can’t breath. My whole body is wired, hyper-aware and it feels like I am huge, like I am bursting out of my skin, like the body that contains me isn’t big enough to hold this feeling, will explode with it, like my skin will split and I will not slowly bleed out of it as much as burst out in a new guise.

And you are here, right HERE, and I am looming, which is the word, the right word, looming, huge and dark. And you are afraid, even though you know its me.

And I crawl, which seems odd for a dominant woman, but I do. You are here, before me, you are kneeling, always. And I crawl towards you, relentless, and I am so fucking ravenous, I want all of you and I don’t know which part of you I want most, or first, or next, I want it all and I want it all now and I am not big enough for that and I don’t have enough mouths, hands, cunts, to take you all at once. But I want you, all at once. And when I reach you, I keep crawling, straight over you, like some huge machine that will suck you up as I cover your body with mine.

And I start with my mouth low, at your cock and you want me to sucklicktonguekissbite, but I am only there on the path to absorbing you, and my mouth is all over you, all parts of you, all at once as I move up your body and I push and I push and you are forced backwards, and it is awkward and you try to stop yourself tipping and I am still moving forward and as I move up you are forced backwards, I can feel your body under me, your skin hot and sweating and I keep crawling over your body and as my mouth reaches your mouth, you are bent backwards and I am all over you, your skin hot and sweating under me and I am like a huge maw and you are disappearing into me, my cunt taking your cock inside, my mouth swallowing yours, and it’s not nearly enough, and all of me is aching and prickly and every touch hurts and you are hard and melting and when I stop and put my weight on you, you start to tremble with the awkward position I have forced you into and I don’t care and I put my weight on you and you moan and I cover you, all of me swallowing all of you and it’s still not enough, and I get into your head and I consume your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings and I take them all into me and they become mine and when I am finished all of you belongs to me.

I fucking want you.

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  1. So all of me, mind and body, is now taken into your cunt, making you feel full and satisfied. I’m happy, because that’s what my purpose has always been – to be consumed by you.xxxx

  2. anonymous: Cunt, yes, but also through every other possible means… mouth, hands, skin, breath, cells… Like a melting into one.Is that your purpose, my anonymous friend?And only four kisses? Surely total absorption is worth more than that?Ferns

  3. Like being inside of you, satiating you. Then, in the knowledge that I’m in you, you’ll feel me and smile and sigh with satisfaction as you stroke your body. Inside you, I’ll give you an infinity of kisses, all day and all night, forever.xxxx till then

  4. “No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it.” – Helen Keller

    i consider that proof of a Domme's right to consume Her boy :)

    i understand the craving You describe, there are many moments when i feel such a desire to be consumed.

  5. Secretive Slave: “i understand the craving You describe, there are many moments when i feel such a desire to be consumed.”

    At best, they are absolutely complementary desires, lovely.


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