Table boy

I make you go and kneel in a corner and wait, where I can see you, and you are not allowed to speak or move until I want you for something.

Finally I make you crawl to me (‘here, boy’), and I put my drink on your back, while I play my feet over your cock and your arse, and you know you had better not move or the drink will spill and I ponder aloud whether I should fuck you, while I run my toes over you from your arse to your cock, applying some pressure, or, I ask myself, maybe I should smack your arse with your belt, over there, but either way you had better not spill my drink, and I stroke your cock with my foot and still you can’t move, and of course my touch against you is too soft and I know you want to press against me to get more.

Occasionally I make you shift position a little (‘face me, boy’) so I can reach different parts of you, like your nipples, with my drink still on your back, I torture your nipples and remind you that you had better not move, boy.

You make delicious sounds and desperately try to keep still and I am waiting for you to ask me to stop (‘please please’), but you love it and hate it and you don’t ask, you take it and you do your very best and I love that, you know I do, I love that.

Loves: 2
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  1. I don't know what it is but I cry every time I read your posts. I think it's because you both have such a close bond and you both have such amazing experiences together and it just sounds so perfect. I think I cry because it's so beautiful and I envy what you have and wish I hate it too.

  2. Brids: “…I cry every time I read your posts…”

    Oh Brids, that breaks my heart, it's so sweet. You are so young, you have soo much time to find what you are seeking… you will find it, I am sure.

    “…you both have such amazing experiences together and it just sounds so perfect…”

    I will let you in on a little secret… no relationship is perfect… I write only when I am inspired… I leave the boring, the annoying and the tedious unwritten.

    Regardless, I think it's beautiful that you cry, thank you.


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