27 posts for November

I managed 27 posts over November for NaBloRrrawrMo, though some of those were from Submissive Guy Comics so really a few less than 27. I didn’t quite hit the mark of a post a day, but not too shabby. I don’t deserve this, but I’m claiming it anyway, dammit! I love it so much when SGC does comics just for me. SO GOOD!!   […]

That’s that

I posted some impressions of our kissing date. They are truth, those small snippets of heat and connection. Some sweet emails followed, his first immediately after our kissing date full of wonder and awe that matched mine. But despite the flashes of intensity we shared, overall something wasn’t firing with us. He is a smart, attractive man who was showing me lovely little glimpses of potential goodness both as a person and as a submissive. […]

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The moment

There was a moment where he changed.  A sudden metamorphosis as if I had flicked a switch. From passive acceptance to aggressive greed. I felt small changes in his body before I realised what was coming.  Muscles that had been relaxed tensed below me, small movements at first, he pulled at his bindings, quietly straining at the ropes that held his wrists firm, […]

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I love you | Now I don’t

One of the reasons I balk at saying ‘I love you’ is because when it’s not true any more, it’s as if I lied. There is some sappy ‘love is forever’ behind that thought. Even though I’m not sappy. I’m reading the writings of a woman who was in love with a man who said he loved her. […]

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Kissing date dreaminess

When the Pilot offered me a glass of the wine I had asked him to buy, I noticed two glasses on the table. “None for you though,” I said. He didn’t bat an eye, poured me a glass, put the bottle away. I sipped the cold wine while I checked him out. I had him stand in the middle of his living room, […]

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I miss fabulous heels

I know it is both ridiculous and frivolous, but its the truth nevertheless. I miss that feeling of slipping my foot into them, perhaps having to do a little wiggle to get them on. Looking at that arch that gets emphasised by the elevation of the heel. Carefully fixing the placement of straps and doing up a tiny clasp against my ankle. […]

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The fabulous Stella Gibson

** SPOILERS! ** I’ve just watched Season 1 of The Fall. It amuses me greatly that Jamie Dornan is essentially playing the next chapter of Christian Grey as a stalkery creep, only in this iteration he actually kills the women he stalks.  But that’s not why I’m mentioning it. I’m mentioning it for the very brief liaison Gillian Anderson’s character, […]

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Sent emails: Kissing date

Further to your ‘yes!’ to a kissing date, I’m going to give you some detail so you know what to expect. It’s a date for the sole purpose of kissing. Just that. No food, no drinks, no chit chat, no hanging out, no going anywhere.  Kissing, stroking, petting (and some other naturally related things that flow from it… see below): yes. Chit chat, […]

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I have organised a second date, a kissing date with the lovely boy I recently met. I tweeted this yesterday while I was thinking about it:  Head full of kissing date possibilities. Anticipation might be one of my favourite things — Ferns (@Ferns__) November 16, 2015  Text: “Head full of kissing date possibilities. Anticipation might be one of my favourite things” I got a great question about it via my Ask Me page: How do you experience anticipation? I love that question because it’s so hard to answer. Anticipation is delicious because all of the possibilities are still in play, […]

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Q&A: Are dominant women sexually attracted to submissive men?

Question (paraphrased from the ‘Submissive men and the women who love them’ Fetlife group):  Are dominant women even sexually attracted to submissive men? They never talk about BDSM as if they are. Answer: Dominant women (or even ‘most women’) don’t shout about their interest in sexytimes all over the internet or talk about it with strangers because it attracts creepy inappropriate behaviour from men who think any woman who expresses an interest in sex will want to have sex with HIM. ANY woman who publicly states that she loves sex, […]

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