Reader Q&A: Healthy pain play, how do I…, F/m events [Audio]

Music by M.M.

This ‘Reader Q&A’ is over an hour long(!) and includes the following:  Telling a dominant I like that I’m transgender You are shit at marketing (it’s true, I am!) How do you learn to cause someone pain in a good and healthy way? For those submissive men who are looking, some examples of your competition Cuckolding: Is she still dominant if she gets dominated by her ‘bull’? What kinds of fetish wear do women like on men? Dominance to help someone get out of their own head? I met a dude who’s submissive, […]

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How To Find A Dominant Woman

 Copyright ‘ How To Find A Dominant Woman‘ by Sharyn Ferns, Cover art by Submissive Guy Comics  Some version of ‘how do I find a dominant woman?’ is the most commonly asked question I see from submissive men both in my personal Q&A and on F/m internet forums. Information and advice abounds on the topic: The main difficulty for someone trying to get help, […]

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Reader Q&A: Desire to please, LDRs, expectations [audio]

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 markMusic: Bensound

This long overdue Q&A (aren’t they always?!) includes the following:  Desire to please vs hard limits, what to do? Is there an outfit that says ‘Domme’? How do I help a new sub who is struggling? “She wanted a hands-free orgasm, so she tied him to the bed and used his mouth.” LDRs and ‘how to’ I made someone fail their exams, […]

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Q&A: Historical (pre-2013)

The pre-2013 Q&A below was previously and awkwardly placed on the ‘Ask Me’ page.  I put them there in the days when I thought I wouldn’t get many questions, so I didn’t think it was worth creating separate posts for them.  Then the page just got longer and longer, until… well, it just got stupidly and endlessly long. […]

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How great would it be if…

… the accounts with a label of ‘dominant woman’ that have obviously stolen super-hot pictures and wank-text would all hook up with the mindless horny idiots who drool over them. Online-only, of course, because duh. Those dudes could wank away together forever with the hot sexy chat and stupidity and be perfectly happy and leave the rest of us alone. Case in point: *’Woman’ […]

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10 steps to make your first BDSM playtime amazing

This is for new dominants. Secrets. Shhhh… no telling. So you’re a new dominant and you’ve met a submissive someone who you really like and click with and you’re heading into your very first ever play session. You’re probably scared shitless (it’s okay, I won’t tell). Nerves are normal: taking something that has lived in your head as a fantasy out into the real world with an honest-to-god real submissive partner is scary as hell. […]

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