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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Bikery – The mental image of Suzy mounting this thing and pedaling herself towards a quaking orgasm flashed across my mind’s eye and I grinned into her face.

If you are monogamous can you learn to be polyamorous?Do you think that someone who is monogamous can learn to be polyamorous for a partner, or do you think they are courting disaster?

Hot WaxI detached myself from what she was doing to me. *breathe* She pulled again. I came from the pain, motionless, silent, and helpless to stop it. She continued.

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Spring My eyes wide, there was no time for reaction as another crowd was wandering down the path. Our eyes locked and Daniel smirked, attempting to find something innocuous to say.

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Fetlife and advice thrown willy nilly into the void

I post a lot on Fetlife discussion forums.

Occasionally I look at comments I have written and think “I should blog about that”, and I promptly forget about it file it away carefully. The ideas disappear into the ether because for it to be ‘a blog post’, I need to remember where the damn comment was, clean it up for ‘proper publication, put it in context, add enough personal bias to make it offensive, and THEN post it. I just never get around to it.

So, I’m going to try a little experiment where I shall just copy and paste topics and my comments from Fetlife here and see if that approach results in anything worthwhile.

On the plus side: More posts from me to entertain you!!

On the minus side: Random, poorly constructed blatherings thrown onto the page (I know, I have totally opened myself up for the smartarse comments here… bring it, you ungrateful hordes!!! *shakes fist wildly*).

So here’s the first:


Original Question from a Domme

When I meet potential submissives, I ‘hold back’ my dominance. I treat it like a vanilla ‘getting to know you’ thing. I want to know, from subs and slaves if this approach is a bit too laid back for most of you? Do you prefer some sort of dominance from the beginning, or only after you know the person and have met for the first time?

My Response: (and yes, I know the question was for s-types… bite me!)

I have expectations that I will lay out early on, but it’s not ‘dominance’ as much as ‘here’s what I want and if you like that, great… if you dont, then we are not suited’ (I suspect some see that as ‘dominance’, so if that works, fine). If I am willing to meet a submissive, I already know enough about him to know there is ‘something’ there, so I will have played a little with it already before meeting in terms of expressing preferences and such and noting that he picks up on those and runs with it.

My dominance is, at its core, about attraction and passion. I don’t come at some guy I don’t even know like a bull at a gate in a sexual way when I don’t even know him, but it’s not ‘holding back’ as much as waiting until I feel like expressing myself in that way. To me, my dominance is an indication of sexual interest and there are any number of factors that drive that. In essence, my dominance in the initial stages is a form of flirting and I’m not flirting with some guy unless he hits my buttons just right.

Either I feel attraction and chemistry and get that thing (you know, the THING) that makes me shift in my seat and get itchy-restless and start watching his lips move when he talks before I go “RAAWWWRRR” and start to get all dommish on his arse because he is making my blood boil, or I don’t. The “RAAWWRRR” may start off as a slight hum, but if I feel it, I’m going there, it will come naturally and I read people well enough most of the time to know if he’s ‘getting’ what I put out and to pace it so that it works, I see that as relationship building vs holding back. If he responds to it in the right way, we are cooking! If he doesn’t, then my style doesn’t suit him and I am pretty much done.


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My sent emails XVIII

…would you like to talk again sometime?


Thank you, but no.

You have apologised to me and I do accept your apology, but frankly, corresponding with someone whose second email to me was abuse is not something I am interested in doing.


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Good morning

It is morning, he is still asleep, I am reading in the lounge room, the bedroom door in my peripheral vision. He is not allowed to come out of the room without permission.

I hear a sound and lift my gaze, the smirk already curling the corners of my mouth. The door opens slowly, his hand appears curled around the jamb, he peeks around the corner at me like a naughty child, blinking into the sunlight slowly.

My stomach lurches at the sight of him like I have been punched, I want to groan with the power of it, I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Hello Ma’am,” he murmers, a sleepy smile on his face, he rubs one eye with his fist and the unselfconscious innocence of it undoes me.

I am on my feet in a heartbeat and it seems to take only two steps to cross the room to get to him, his mouth widens into a smile when he sees me coming and changes to an ‘oh’ of shock when I grab him and shove him backwards into the bedroom, I run at him with force and don’t stop barrelling until he has tripped back onto the bed and lands with a thump.

He laughs with delight, “Oh, I like this!” followed by an ‘ooomph’ of exhalation as I land on top of him.

His hands automatically lift above his head as if he is restrained, and he is somehow immediately melting into the bed, his surrender making his eyes glaze even as they lock onto mine. He reaches for me with his mouth, his naked body pushing up towards the weight of me on top of him, his cock hard and straining against my thigh.

My mouth smashes into him and my teeth clash against his, we both wince and I hold his head still while I try and climb into his open mouth, I feel him trying to open up for me and I am grabbing at his flesh and finally get into some awkward position where I can dig my fingernails into his nipples and make his body arch up off the bed and make him utter some sound that I have heard before and have never heard before as I try to rip his skin off his bones.

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New winter boots

About to head out with these steampunk-ish leather buckled boots on for the first time… Dinner with a coupled up lesbian and a gay man… That totally counts as a hot date, right?

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Just… yay!!

Who gets to step out of their front door to go for a walk, and then sees dolphins?

Me!! Me!!! I do!!!

I am so fucking lucky!!!

*happy sigh*

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Numbers game

For all the bleating all over the kinky sites on the internet about how male subs are a dime a dozen, they are everywhere, they are common as muck and outnumber dominant women about a billion to one, I have an observation, just one, a single one…

I looked into a bondage workshop that was happening in my local area last week. There was a public list of those who were ‘going’ and ‘maybe going’. Of 59 possible attendees listed there, 2 were submissive men. THIS is what that looks like *:

Just sayin’.

* Wheee, a graph!!! You know I have the hots for graphs!

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