My sent emails XXXIII

Hello lovely-boy-who-sends-me-his-impossible-beauty,

Photos like that make me talk to myself.

I am mostly incoherent.

Even to myself.

The veins in your arm are a nice touch. Did you put them there just for me? Thank you.

Also, oh my fucking god.



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  1. but they are completely crediting it to you, with link and everything. Maybe a naive point of view, but as long as they are giving credit, is that a problem?

    1. **Note to confused readers:** m’s comment relates to the pingback from FemdomPalace (see below, under the comments)

      They are not crediting it to me.

      The copyright notice on my writing that appears on their site is coming from my own RSS footer, and I added it there *because* they are stealing my content. I suspect that at some stage they will figure out a way to strip that copyright notice out.

      There is no good faith there, the site is a content scraper. The other (uncredited) content there is from and I expect they are planning to try and make money from it through advertising or some such somewhere along the track.

      As a note, I contacted their ISP and the registered owner. The ISP wants legally notarised proof of copyright, the owner did not respond. I figured if the ISP kept getting emails from people pointing it out, they might take action.


      1. sorry, i only noticed after posting it, that this obviously would not appear under the pingback section :P my bad…

        as for the credit: didn’t know that. of course i agree with you, that this is a different matter entirely! definitely gonna report that. Thank you for clarifying!

        1. No problem. I’d like to make the edited pingback note clearer, but that’s the maximum number of characters that will show. Boo hiss!

          Thanks for reporting it. I don’t really expect it to make any difference, but it can’t hurt!


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