Oh, that voice

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a post for our NaBloWriMo project]


There is a tone I didn’t even realise I used when we played, or perhaps more accurately, when I was turned on and tuned into him.

He mentioned it early on. “Oh, that voice…” he said softly, almost a moan, his own tone dropping in response.

I paid attention then. It is quiet, slow, deliberate, concentrated, slightly deeper than my normal speaking voice, resonating from the back of my throat. It’s almost calming, unconsciously designed to wash over him, like some relentless wave of water that simply and … Continue Reading

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“Are you lookin’ at me?”

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done an ‘eye contact restrictions‘ post for our NaBloWriMo project. As a side note, this is the first true piece of fiction I have written on the blog. Kind of a big deal for me.]


“Are you lookin’ at me?” I do my best Robert De Niro.

He is, of course, looking at me. He laughs.

I look back at him, repeat, “Are you looking at me?!”

This time he hears a tone. He does a mental shuffle to figure out what this game is. He shifts his focus from my face to … Continue Reading

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Puppy play

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a ‘puppy’ post for our NaBloWriMo project]


I love the idea of puppy play though I’ve only tried it once and it didn’t quite work. We still got some fun out of it, but neither of us quite got into the right mindset. He wasn’t really puppy-playful and I didn’t know how to bring it out of him, so in the end it was more about restrictions and objectification than puppy play.

Still, I’m finding puppies more and more adorable. The playful gambolling, the cute noises, the attention seeking, the tricks, the pleasure … Continue Reading

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“I’d hate to lose you…”

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a ‘leash’ post for our NaBloWriMo project]



It was still early, all of us in black, seated around the table. Our appearance might have seemed gothically funereal except for the fact that we were at an Italian restaurant: eating pizza, drinking wine, talking, laughing.

My boy was sitting beside me, young, shy, nervous. Quiet. He wasn’t really mine. Not really. But for the purposes of public consumption, on this night he belonged to me. He wore my collar of simple leather, a silver clip connecting the D-ring to the chain that fell down from … Continue Reading

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NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a ‘Shibari‘ post for our NaBloWriMo project]


This is a picture of the first time I played with rope, my ex boy kneeling patiently before me while I painstakingly followed instructions for this dragonfly sleeve. I enjoyed it well enough: time spent with my sweetheart, intense attention, an almost meditative precision, and oh my he was so pretty in rope, but I didn’t ‘get’ it.

I was curious about people’s attraction to rope, and why it was such a draw for so many.

When I met Richie, I played a little with Continue Reading

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Audio porn: Men moaning

I love the sound of a man experiencing sexual pleasure. Not coming, necessarily, though I like that also, but all the sounds that lead up to that point. Oh yes please.

I used to have my last submissive send me audio porn *all the time*. It was like an obsession for me. I loved it so much. So fucking hot.

Mostly I would give him instructions on how I wanted him to masturbate. There are endless possibilities:

  • Bring yourself to the edge of coming, then stop
  • Do it left handed
  • Edge three times, no coming
  • Say my name at
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My hand around your throat

“I like your hand around my throat,” he said when I released his mouth and let him breathe.

So. Very. Hot.

There is an inherent vulnerability in the offering of the throat, the pulsing jugular, the potential for damage right there. I always thought of his hair as the most easily-grabbed, it was my go-to, my default, but having been with a man who suited a crop-cut, I unconsciously retrained myself. Now it’s the throat.

It is instinctual now, that my hand goes there. It is symbolic and thoughtless.

There is so much to love about it. … Continue Reading

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