Navel gazing

In a comment on my last post, Aethel said this about her current relationship:

“I really want to strangle his old doms whenever I think of them. I have had to undo the fears, almost expectations, of abuse that previous partners left behind”

Yeep. That sounds terrible, and I’m really glad that he has you to create that safe space for him.

I actually expect (though I haven’t asked) that my First’s partners after … Continue Reading

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Unravelling the past

For the full story:

My First and I have been gently exploring our past relationship, and in doing so we have been exposing the fact that we never really understood each other. And when I say ‘never really understood’, I mean ‘had wildly different experiences in the same relationship’.

There was the ‘big misunderstanding‘ that underscored a lot of it, but it’s … Continue Reading

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Glimpses of history

If you are interested in some glimpses of how I saw my First in the time we were together, both of the posts below are about him.

I wrote a blog at the time (before blogs were a thing, hand coded in HTML), and kept a journal: both of these writings were based on descriptions I wrote back then, so they are true to my perspective at the time. There might be some others about … Continue Reading

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My First: his words

My first submissive has commented on some of the posts I’ve written about him using the nickname “Her First” (this cute choice of nickname makes me smile & I’ll be calling him ‘First‘ from now on).

I’m putting this comment from him here in its entirety because it sums up his perspective of this situation so well. You’ll need to read that post for this one to make sense.


“He sees a Continue Reading

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Thoughts on thoughts

I mostly write glimpses here: snippets out of context, strobe-light moments.

They are my version of the truth, but they are incomplete, of course, so the impression they leave is imperfect.

I curate carefully for many reasons, some of which I have talked about before.

My rules for writing about people are:

  • No surprises (well, sweet surprises are okay)
  • No hurt

And that’s limiting enough because most people who I write about know my … Continue Reading

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Because… mine

My first submissive still carries a scar and a piercing that I gave him almost 20 years ago.

This makes me happy.

Because… mine.… Continue Reading

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Communicating the hard stuff

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics is also doing a post for our NaBloWriMo project, though he’s hiding some of them on Twitter so if you aren’t following him, you should… ]


So the question for you all is – how do you communicate best? Within the dynamic or by stepping outside of it?

I see some form of this question come up from time to time and I suspect I normally give some answer without giving … Continue Reading

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