He believed…

When we were together long ago, in the distant past, he believed that I had betrayed him.

Not just ‘betrayed’, but ‘BETRAYED’ in all caps with a bright neon red, sharp and harsh, and so ugly it can barely be looked at head-on.

That betrayal impacted him deeply, coloured all of his relationships since me with a murky grey cloak of fear and self protection. Years of it.

He got over it, of course, put … Continue Reading

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Random memories: Foreplay?!

He was lying on the floor at my feet, we were watching TV.

He had a gorgeous arse and beautiful legs. I was distracted by the muscles of his thighs, and the crease where his legs met his arse.

I idly started to pat his arse with my foot, just stroking him gently. He shifted back a little to give me better access. I squeezed my foot between his thighs and he opened his legs … Continue Reading

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Clothes of boyfriends past

It is cold tonight, and I am, coincidentally, wearing three articles of clothing from boyfriends past.

It is unintentional, and sweet.

My sweatshirt, too big, an unattractive colour really, is one that I grabbed out of my first submissive’s ‘give away’ bag when we were clearing out clothes to take to good will. He probably had it for quite a while before I took it. I plucked it out of the box by the … Continue Reading

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Piercing Reversal

I have agreed to it, finally, and I lie on the bed while he gets the piercing kit. I try to relax, but I am tense, scared. I hate needles, hate them…

He sits beside me on the bed, I try not to watch him get the 14 gauge needle out, try not to listen to the packet crackling as he unwraps it, try not to look at the clamps, try not to think. I … Continue Reading

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Please, please don’t

I cuff him and tie him spread-eagled to the bed. I take out the piercing gear and lay it out. The 14 gauge needles , clamps, antiseptic, anticipating the pain he would be in soon.

He is nervous, this is the first time I have restrained him for a piercing. I lean down to kiss him, soft, gentle kisses, he returns them hesitantly.

“It will be fine, baby.”

I reassure him, stroke his cheek.

“It … Continue Reading

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