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Her legs are freshly waxed, smooth and soft. Her skin, though, is too dry, she thinks, and looks over at the moisturiser, allowing a momentary digression of wistful thinking at the fact that she has to do it herself. She sighs inwardly and reaches for it.

She paints her nails avoiding the thought that this, too, she must do herself. She chooses a rich dark red, carefully applying colour, concentrating, avoiding the edges, the sharp chemical smell wafting in the air. It makes her think of perfume… she really only has one that she likes, she is not really a … Continue Reading

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Femdom in Second Life – My Thoughts

I knew of a couple of femdom areas in SL and went there to have a look around, chat to people, see what’s what. I haven’t been in a chat room for many many years, and SL is like series of chat rooms on steroids. The basics are the same, a bunch of people in a space talking, but it is accompanied by visuals. The chat room has a graphic representation, perhaps outside in a garden, with comfy couches and chairs, and people get to present themselves not only in text, but as avatars, as their ‘best selves’, their inner … Continue Reading

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Femdom in Second Life – Randomness

My high level thoughts run crazy like this:

  • *sigh* This is going to be idiotic.
  • Everyone is so lovely!
  • Emoting?! WTF?!
  • Wow, she really is deluded.
  • Awww, sweet…
  • Show me your cock.
  • Really? Interesting. Let me think about that.
  • C’mere, meat, I want to try this on you.
  • Oh my, you are lovely aren’t you?
  • Gah! You don’t know *anything* so just shut the fuck up!
  • Oh god, I am laughing my arse off here!
  • No, I want to see the *extreme* stuff…
  • Oooh… castration table!
  • Let’s go to the vagina shop!
  • So, how many cocks do you actually have?
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Sunday Curiosity #9 – Femdom in Second Life Intro

The results of the ‘Femdom in Second Life survey (oh goodie, a graph! You know how I love graphs!!) were surprising to me, with a pretty even spread:

I actually expected many more votes for ‘Not’ (shows what I know!). Thank you to all who participated and particularly for your comments.

For those of you who have never heard of this Second Life (SL) thing, it is a virtual world made up of themed areas and special interest groups where like minded people gather to chat, build relationships, make connections. It is used in the mainstream for education and many … Continue Reading

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Sunday Curiosity #8 – Femdom in Second Life

I have a post brewing about this, but I thought I would stall on finishing it first ask you, trusted readers, to give me your opinion.

There are communities in Second Life dedicated to female domination. I would like to hear from you what your overall view of it is (in the broadest possible strokes!).

Hot: It’s great (for whatever reason)
Not: It’s stupid (for whatever reason)
WTF?: I have no idea what you are asking me…

BDSM in Second Life – Hot, Not or WTF?

[Survey closed]

As always, I would love to hear what you think, so comment … Continue Reading

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Not a Domme

Not only am I ‘bubbly’ (allegedly!), I was told recently by someone who read some of this blog that (are you ready…?):

…i didnt get a sense you were a Domme…


I am such a failure…

Did I mention this was a guy from Second Life? No…? Well, see, now you can understand why I am so concerned.

Must. Do. Better.

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Am not!

I got on the phone recently with a wonderful submissive who I have been corresponding with for a long long time.

Apparently, I am ‘bubbly’.


I won’t stand for it, I tell you!!

*pout stamp*

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