Hello boy

There is something about the boys I like, something intangible, something they can’t help in themselves, something unconscious, inviting and irresistible.

I have tried, over the years, to define what it is, to explain it, and have used words like vulnerability, and bravery, and prey, and of those, prey is the closest to describing it, that indefinable ‘it’.

They can’t pretend to have it, there is no kowtowing or genuflecting or ‘acting it out’ that works, there is no way to contrive it or guide someone into it. They either have it, or they don’t and those boys, those … Continue Reading

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I wonder sometimes, when I am wanting to write, but just can’t get my head quite right, when I am somewhat uninspired to speak of beauty and passion, when I am nevertheless looking at the page and picking through what is going on with me for snippets worth telling, I wonder if you, dear readers, peer at me here and wonder who I am.

I wonder about you, I do…

I know you are there, I see stats, numbers slipping by, many many thousands of views, I know there are regulars (hello there, and thank you!), and some who … Continue Reading

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