Sunday curiosity #6 – Unicorn

The pure service submissive is a unicorn – rare and perhaps only found in fairy stories. A service submissive is one who gets satisfaction from serving, not performing ‘personal service’ (i.e. sexual acts), not engaging in kinky latex-maid-outfit dusting, not providing service as prepayment for play rewards. Pure service submissives get satisfaction from serving.

I found this description from a submissive who has engaged in this sort of service and I think it explains the frame of mind very well:

What appealed in it for me at the time was the mindset of doing very well at my tasks, from

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Do as I say, not as I do…

I am somehow obsessed with advice for newbies at the moment… I am not sure why… perhaps because I communicate with quite a few of them and I want them to have good experiences, to be successful, to find their bliss (yes, I know, that was too corny to be believed! Deal with it!).

Things I recommend to newbies are not necessarily things that I do myself. Yes, I am a hypocrite…

  • Want to meet BDSMers? Go to a munch.

(I haven’t been to a munch in over 15 years, I am not part of any community, I don’t know Continue Reading

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Difficult and demanding

I have described myself as difficult and demanding, I don’t let things go, I will not accept ‘less than’, but I am only that way about things that I care about and there are a gazillion things that I really don’t care about. At all.

I am not a control freak in my daily life (seriously, I am not!), I don’t have ‘domly’ expectations of the people I know, I don’t have impossibly high standards, I have no desire to control my general environment or the people in it, I am not obsessive about domestics, I don’t have a … Continue Reading

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I’m back…

And… I’m back! Missed me dincha? It’s okay, you can admit it, I won’t tell!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been so sweet to me, both here in comments and in private emails. Your empathy and support has been really wonderful. Never underestimate the kindness of strangers.

I’m going okay here, I miss my boy* madly, but I am okay. We have exchanged a couple of sweet tentative emails, but we are both licking our wounds, and contact at the moment is a little raw. It is hard for me to leave him … Continue Reading

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‘Force’ as a kink *

Nobody ever talks about ‘force’ as a kink.

We frequently hear about ‘forced’ activities, but the focus is always on the activity rather than the force.

Now, I know the term ‘force’ raises some hackles, so how about we say force = coercion? It doesn’t have to be physical, it can be mental or emotional or simply ‘force of will’.

So let me set a scene. I *make* my boy do something that he genuinely doesn’t like (not a hard limit)… No gun to his head – I may shove him about, use my serious ‘don’t fuck with me’ voice, … Continue Reading

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Professional online domination

Tribute must be included at first contact.
$50 for half an hour of IM.
$75 for half an hour of one way cam (she can see you, you cannot see her)
$100 for half an hour of two way cam.
Monthly contract for guaranteed IM, emails, photos, videos.
Phone domination at per-minute rate.
There will be no chance or possibility to meet, ever.

How do you react to the concept?

What if she has no real life experience with D/s? Does it make a difference?

What if she is a bona fide lifestyle and professional dominatrix? Does it make a … Continue Reading

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Broken wing

We are going out, he grabs my coat and holds it open for me.

“Broken wing first!”, he blurts out quickly before I have even moved.

I look at him, “Which is it?”

He smiles, knows I am not kidding, I am hopeless. He nods at my right arm and holds the sleeve coat forward so that I can slip my hurt arm into it first.

I wince when I move it, which makes him cringe.

“Careful Ma’am!”, he admonishes me. He eases the coat up over my shoulder and I slip my other arm into it.

We head for … Continue Reading

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