4 hours…

Our first phone call tasted like intimacy. He was a little freaked out beforehand, worried about awkward silences.  Instead, it flowed easily, warm and affectionate. He joked that I would blog about his ‘girlish voice’ after I mused that his voice was not quite how I expected it to be (see how this works, e? You joke about it, and I am almost certain to mention it… and yes, […]

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My sent emails XXVIII

Hello e, You are exemplary with the one line hotness… Sometimes, my eyes read something and it goes straight to my cunt. I was going to make lunch, masturbated instead. You featured heavily. Ferns  […]

Shhh… no telling

I am a little cautious about cautiously mentioning in a tentatively cautious way that the ‘interesting man who I am enchanting’ mentioned here (that was his description, by the way, after noting that he had been referred to as ‘someone’) is turning out to be quite the thing. It is a little dangerous to poke a stick at it here when it is such early days and may yet peter out, […]

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Starting the day – part I

You keep checking to see if I am awake, quietly sneaking a look, and when I open my eyes sleepily, you are allowed to kiss me on skin that is exposed, bare above the sheet. The kissing is both greeting and a gentle feeling out of my mood. Sometimes I barely acknowledge you, sometimes I purr and arch into your kisses exposing maybe my neck, my ear to you, […]

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