Blog post for posting’s sake

I want to post something just to get my last off the top of the page.

I’d like it to be something more interesting, but emotionally, I am kind of tired of looking inward, and physically I am just tired. No doubt I will dissect this and rabbit on about it endlessly when I get home, but for now, I am pushing introspection aside.

Despite this trip not turning out as I had hoped, I …

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And so it goes

I am not sure how much I want to write in this update about e, but I did want to just get it out there and fill in the details later. Or not.

The shortest of short stories is that there is no spark between us.

Sitting at a bar, after the first full day together, I asked e how he thought it was going. He said he wasn’t sure yet. I was a little …

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Heading to the airport in two hours…

Taking off in four hours…

Watching bad movies and eating bad food for umpteen hours…

Stroking the face of the boy in eighteen hours.

Touching beautiful naked man in nineteen hours.

I can hardly wait…

Honey I will meet you
Darling I will keep you in my heart
You’re not a day, you’re not a day too soon

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Three days to go before I get on the plane to go and see e!

My mind is all over the place, full of things to do, with a background niggle of things I probably should be doing but haven’t thought of yet, and random bursts of light and comets.  It is like there are quickfire atoms in there that are all racing around at lightning speed, smashing off the walls and into each other, …

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Later that afternoon – part IV

… and so, we continue

“I tell you to kiss my feet once the shoes are off, I am lovely to you. I feel your lips against my skin and tongue lapping at my toes…”

I sit back and close my eyes, occasionally shifting my foot this way or that to offer a certain part to your mouth, pushing up towards your face when you get it just right.

I lean down and pet …

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It is less than two weeks before I will get on the plane to see e.

Someone asked me if I am getting excited yet.

No, not yet.

I hate to wait, and excitement too early means nearly two weeks of waiting, and did I mention that I hate to wait. I hate it. Premature excitement would be frustrating and exhausting. I am preoccupied with practical things… travel insurance, digging out warm clothes, doing ‘pre …

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Conversation snippet…

e: Condoms? Newspaper? Are you doing this in a zoo? Maybe I’m just cleaner than most people.

Me: Crazy monkey sex…! Duh! What the hell are YOU doing in your sex life?

e: Waiting for you! (and lining my bedroom floor with newspaper).

Me: *laugh* May as well do the walls while you are at it.

e: I’m just lining a huge bucket with trash bags.


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