My sent emails XXVIII

Hello e,

You are exemplary with the one line hotness… Sometimes, my eyes read something and it goes straight to my cunt.

I was going to make lunch, masturbated instead.

You featured heavily.


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    1. e: *smile* Well, hello there, e.

      I like seeing you here with your sweetness. It is like you snuck into my house, crept up behind me and whispered in my ear.

      *shakes the world wildly*

      You’re so welcome.


    1. “such sweet exchanges.”

      *laugh* I know! It is a little strange to have these little snippets in real time in public, but I am liking it.

      ” I am so very happy for you Ferns.”

      Thanks M.FV!


  1. Oh wow. The picture is back! Thanks for that nifty link.

    Now…If only I could spend more of my lunch like that. A certain submissive of mine is far too shy for that though (well, not all of the time), but “e” seems to lack “bashfulness”. *laughs*

    Congrats Ferns. =3

    Lady D

    1. “Oh wow. The picture is back! Thanks for that nifty link.”

      Yay, there you are!

      ““e” seems to lack “bashfulness””

      He is deliciously unbashful, but I am sure he can be *made* bashful (also delicious!).

      “Congrats Ferns.”

      *smile* Thanks.


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