Starting the day – part I

You keep checking to see if I am awake, quietly sneaking a look, and when I open my eyes sleepily, you are allowed to kiss me on skin that is exposed, bare above the sheet.

The kissing is both greeting and a gentle feeling out of my mood. Sometimes I barely acknowledge you, sometimes I purr and arch into your kisses exposing maybe my neck, my ear to you, sometimes I pull the sheet down and roll over so you can reach my back, my arse, my breasts, sometimes I grab at you when I feel your lips and shove you into some position that pleases me and wrap my legs around you and maybe sink my teeth into whatever pieces of your flesh are within reach.

And often, I will want to come in your mouth in the morning, and you have to make me want it, or I will start the day cranky and irritable. You seduce me into this thing that I want, kiss and lick and suck and stroke and tease me into it.

And maybe, I will want to hurt you a little, all supine and still half awake, telling you to bring my cock within reach, but don’t stop with that kissing or licking or stroking or whatever it is that you are doing because I like that, and you will manoeuvre yourself to comply and I might lazily pinch or smack or bite or squeeze or maybe just barely touch your cock (mine) with fingertips to see if you will try to rub against me somehow for more.

And after I come, I might be fully awake, and even if I am not, I will want more kissing because it is my favourite, and you will be hard and maybe I will trap your cock between my thighs and against my pussy, where I am now wet and sensitive and slick, and that pressure is perfect, and I will not be able to get enough of your mouth, pulling your arse hard up against me with nails in your skin and I will keep adjusting my position against you while you thrust deliberately and slowly against me, strong hands holding my full body length against you, conjoined at the cock and the mouth, and frottage is fucking hot.

Edging and you have to beg me to stop because you know you are not allowed to come, over and again, until I have had enough, and if it is enough to make me want to come again, then that is your job, or maybe I will just do it myself, my fingers on my clit and against your cock so you can feel it, with my mouth on yours so you can taste my moans when I come.

You can wash me in the shower, you on your knees, slick suds, water, lots of touching and you can shower when I get out. A sarong thrown on, I will turn on the computer and check messages while you make coffee.

You will bring me my favourite mug and sit by me on the floor, I will wrap my legs around you with my feet in your lap, you will read the paper and tell me what is going on in the world. I will nod and pay half attention, maybe do some writing, occasionally rubbing at your crotch with my feet to see if you remember that I am there, and maybe I will ask for kisses, “Kiss!”, especially while you are talking to me because it makes me laugh, and you will pretend to be annoyed and twist up awkwardly to reach for my mouth each time.

Then what time is it?… 9am? 10am? Hard to say… It is a wordy start to the day, with many words, but I think it is a good day, a fine day, and we still have the rest of it, expansive and leisurely, stretching out in front of us.

…continued here: Continuing the day – Part II

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  1. Peroxide: “Ferns, you could make a fortune selling sexy choose your own adventure books.”

    I so could… so many endless options!!!


  2. A hot and beautiful way to start the day. My favorite part is the “kiss!” and the laughing… much love behind that.

  3. DC: “A hot and beautiful way to start the day. My favorite part is the “kiss!” and the laughing… much love behind that.”

    *smile* It is fun to hear about your favourite part. And yes, kissing and laughing, always.


  4. Sprinkles: “Oooh, a new tag. What or who is E?”

    You are so observant! I wish I could give you a prize! I will write more on this mysterious 'e' soon.

    Your new nick is smile-worthy, it makes me think of glitter and hundreds and thousands!


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