I know a lot of you are waiting for an update on the cougarling’s visit, and it’s coming.

I blame him for the lack of posting: He ended up staying until pretty much 3 hours before I had to pack up and head off on the first leg of a trip overseas, and I will have NO time to myself for another couple of weeks.

So you will just have to wait.

I know: waiting is the WORST!

In the meantime, have this photo of my hand on his beautiful arse as consolation.


My hand, cougarling's arseContinue Reading

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Setting expectations

All going to plan, the cougarling will arrive here on Saturday afternoon after a million hours of driving. He will stay for a few days (not with me: that’s waaay ‘too much too soon’). How long exactly depends on how it goes.

I sent him an outline of my expectations:


What I expect from the visit is that we will date like normal people dating, though obviously we will be spending far more time together than would be usual because you aren’t local so we don’t have the luxury of catching up once or twice a week over a … Continue Reading

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The cougarling

I rarely talk about potentials here for a bunch of complicated reasons.

Firstly because they usually know about my blog and talking about my feelings while exploring something new is confusing and destructive. If I write about it honestly, it’s more information than I am ready to share with them. Since these things are always tenuous and volatile, my thoughts are often all over the place, and blurting them out when they are fleeting and changeable can cause all sorts of confusion and hurt.

Secondly because conversations that have the potential to turn into something have pretty much equal potential … Continue Reading

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