Domme Chronicles book sale: Last day

Need a reason to buy my Domme Chronicles book of femdom erotica (other than ‘it’s less than half price, and I told you to’ I mean)?

Read this heartbreakingly lovely email that landed in my inbox <3. Then go get it.

Hi Ferns,

I wanted to pass along my deep appreciation to you for the Domme Chronicles book. It’s beautiful. Each short excerpt is like a love letter to that moment, frozen in time. Some of them are so … Continue Reading

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Yes, it’s about you

I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I’m a bit like a stereotypical man when it comes to orgasms. I come once, hard, and then I lose interest. I’m done.

When I came at least twice with him each time, my pleasure was multiplied by watching him realise that that was about him.

It was not ‘a thing’ he did (though there was that too), it was just… him. And I could see the realisation … Continue Reading

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6’2 Viking warrior woman

Ragga Ragnar as Gunnhild, Vikings S05

Her full name is Ragnheiður Ragnarsdóttir. Her acting name is Ragga Ragnars.

She is 6’2, Icelandic, a former Olympic swimmer.

In Vikings Season 5, she is nothing short of magnificent as Gunnhild, the Viking warrior who stands toe-to-toe with the formidable Björn Ironside, and she is 100% not putting up with his bullshit.

Enjoy :).… Continue Reading

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BDSM house for sale

Speaking of BDSM in the mainstream, this real estate listing in Maple Glen, PA. went out with photos of their fully furnished dungeon basement in it.

It went viral, which obviously shows the titillation value of it and no doubt achieved the agent’s goal of maximum exposure.

The real estate sites, though, did take the photos down after it got a lot of publicity, so the pearl-clutchers were close at hand to shut it … Continue Reading

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On beautiful submissive men

© 'Submissive men: A celebration of beauty (video still)' by Ferns

Years ago, I created a tribute to the beauty of submissive men, with contributions from submissive men and from those who love them. It is still my most favourite project, and illustrates, truly, how the nature of beauty is so much more complex than it seems on the surface.

This video is the result of those generous contributions.

Submissive men: A celebration of beauty

Let me say this without any slight on him: My last … Continue Reading

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Insight: Life as an F/m group moderator

I already shared this on twitter, so if you follow me there (and why wouldn’t you?!), you’ve heard this story already :).

This is a story about that one time some dude got super mad because he thought someone was saying he had a small dick (spoiler: they weren’t).

As a moderator of a large F/m discussion group, I get an email from That Angry Dude (TAD) because someone in a thread attacked him and … Continue Reading

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Pegging in the mainstream

I’m always surprised by pegging coming up in mainstream media. It is becoming more common in the same way chastity is finding its way into the mainstream.

I was going to compile a whole list with links, but look, I’m up against the deadline for posting today (I nearly forgot!), so I’m just putting out what I had in the depths of my 180+ drafts (it’s a mess in there). Don’t judge me!

This in … Continue Reading

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