Birthday Nude: Touching

My dedication to the time-honoured tradition of the birthday nude is unparalleled. The camera on my phone is no longer working and I’m in the middle of move-planning, and yet here I am in all my naked glory.

Happy birthday to me!

For my birthday, you can say lovely things to me so I feel fabulous about being another year older. Or at least click the little ‘likes’ star, come on now.

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  1. Yes! I have been looking forward to this day. :)

    I was going to send you an e-mail at midnight to congratulate you, but I guess I forgot the time zone difference. Happy Birthday, Ferns! I hope you have fun celebrating today.

  2. Your intellect, ability to communicate and empathy make you an attractive person. Your physical beauty only makes you that much more compelling. Thank you for this present. It took my breath away.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope it was fun and relaxing. What a wonderful tradition, and you are unique with it, much to my and many other’s delight! Thanks for sharing, I just wish I was single and in the appropriate age range…

  4. Nude? But… it’s winter! I know it is meant to be less severe up your way, but I still think I would die.

    Happy Birthday none the less :D

  5. “You know, blood of virgin, eye of newt, soul to the devil, that sort of thing…”
    Oh of course, what was I thinking

      1. Did I hear my name?

        Ferns thank you ever so much for your soul plus sexy nude portrait.

        It’s sublime.

        I ain’t making this up.

        Birthday kisses.

        The Devil xxx

  6. Happy birthday. You have created a real tradition now with your nude birthday pics. :-) Looking forward to your next birthday and the next wonderful picture. Hope you have a year full of health, happiness and prosperity. :-)

  7. Blimey just realised I was so busy stunning you all with my witty repartee that I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Ferns! I’ll get drunk tonight as penance

  8. You forgot to change to your winter quilt, and woke up with sweaty balls, right?

    That’s always the position I find myself in the morning after ….

    Happy (belated) Birthday Ferns!


    Sweaty balled advisorist

    1. For the record, a reference to sweaty balls does not constitute ‘saying a lovely thing’.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes though.


      1. Well perhaps the loveliest thing I can think of to say is that despite the twists and turns of life, and while trying to hold steady with hope despite the vicious currents of cynicism that bind us all in this life, I continue to read your blog with much interest and hope.

        And that most certainly is true, and always will be true no matter the state of my balls in this summer temperature maelstrom that I’m trying to survive (frikkin’ UK summer quilts).

        I will continue to read your blog these coming years as I have these last years: in a condition of involvement, hope, concern, criticism, and occasional delight.

        And I will never mention local temperature or it’s effect on my nads again – because doing so is most definitely a faux pas.


        Confused and tired degenerate

  9. Wait..I’m so confused!!! Was it your birthday or mine?! Cause that photo is HAWTTTT!!!! I so feel like we got the present here instead of you. Happy Belated birthday gorgeous! I hope your day brought you as much beauty as your existence brings to your friends.


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