How great would it be if…

… the accounts with a label of ‘dominant woman’ that have obviously stolen super-hot pictures and wank-text would all hook up with the mindless horny idiots who drool over them.

Online-only, of course, because duh.

Those dudes could wank away together forever with the hot sexy chat and stupidity and be perfectly happy and leave the rest of us alone.

Case in point:

*’Woman’ posts hot pictures that are easily verified as ‘not her’ via google image search*

‘Her’ profile/ads/multiple postings: “Looking for a slave I love ALL THE FETISHES especially yours yes you with your hard dripping cock get on your knees NOW bitch you will give me total control because I’m a powerful mistress and you will be my slave and lick my hot wet pussy all day long because I love that too let me explicitly explain how much I want your eager tongue in my asshole and how we will do all the fetishes that you love because I love them too and… etc etc…”

Drooling brainless en masse: “Oh Mistress u r so dominate pick me pleease my cock is so hard for u…” 

*they skip off and mutually do their wankery happily every after*


Oh what a wonderful world that would be… *dreamy sigh*.

But nooooo… what happens is that the dudes come back and whine when ‘she’ inevitably asks for money, which is, of course 100% entirely predictable. They’ll be all “THERE ARE NO DOMINANT WOMEN ALL OF THEM ARE FAKES AND SCAMMERS AND AND… WAAAAHHHH…’

Rinse and repeat.

It’s just…


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  1. Heh. I’m reminded of a post-Halloween munch we had at a local bar. Costumes were allowed. One of my community pillars is a Domme that likes to troll such guys. The munch was in a sports bar.

    She showed up in essentially a black corset and high-heeled boots with a ‘ninja-scarf’ over her mouth. I wanted to thank her for helping me through my first event recently so we went over to a side table briefly. the looks on the dudebros faces…I most burst out laughing. I wonder what shocked them mor-her or that fact she was talking to the guy with the funny walk? ;)

    Now catfishers/scammers those offend me. Cashing in on the lonely/older/awkward is not OK.

    1. I fucking love this…made me totally giggle this morning. My sub and I have been together for 6 months now but sometimes I really think he thinks like this…well, he is a man of course lol

  2. I think the idiots unable to discern that these transparently fake profiles are fake are the same idiots unable to discern the REAL fake news during the recent American election (Trump’s sedan attacked by bomb-Democratic operatives suspected) from Trump’s “fake” news (“they keep asking me hard questions and I don’t like it- fake news!). Such idiocy seems inconceivable and yet such idiocy resulted in the current state of affairs.

    Ignorance, gullibility, racism, hatred and bile infused, self centeredness will always be with us. Perhaps the most we can hope for is that these idiots would confine themselves to wanking with each other, and leave voting and talking to sentinent adults to the the rest of us. Thank you for your post.

  3. Reading profiles such as the one you included does nothing for me anyway. It doesn’t strike me as a voice of dominance, just a lurid, messy torrent of cliché porn imagary with a pseudo D/s angle thrown in. Then again, straightforward porn never gets me off anyway. Give me the infamous scene from Blade or Angelina Jolie brandishing the knuckledusters any day.

    However… I still, deep down, feel a sympathy for these poor men. I feel that they do at least possess the sensibility to see the beauty of submission to the female dominant, which makes me feel that they’re just misguided, and that underneath it all there is still more hope for them than the man who sits in the bar bragging about how he wants a ‘chick to know her place…’ and so on.

    I feel that they’re kindreds deep down & I can’t entirely write them off as lost causes! Maybe many of them are just young and need to do a bit more sub soul searching.

    I know I’ve been growing, finding insights into my subby self, even in this last year. Blogs like yours help, too.


    1. Agree. In part they go after that kind of profile because they were fed with certain idea of what a dominant woman should look like. I believe that at least some of them just need to learn that if they take a peak behind the wall of loud angry ladies they’ll find the women they are actually looking for.

  4. I’ve sadly no wise words on the scammy dommes and mindless horny subs. Idiots and cheats are an endlessly replenishing resource unfortunately.

    I just wanted to stop by and say how much I liked the Jessica Jones gif :). I really liked that show and that reminder but a big smile on my face. Thanks!


  5. I really must get around to creating one of those profiles one of the days, just after gouging my eyes out with a rusty spoon should do it. Cracking post though Ferns made oi larf

  6. I just want to meet a nice, assertive lady who’ll dress up as the space shuttle and shout “we are go for launch!!” when I hit 60%.

    She can roll her eyes as we go into orbit. I can deploy cargo early, then apologise.

    Happily ever after.

    Don’t give up on the idea of romance, Nerfs*

    *Ferns is an anagram; I’ve worked it out.

  7. Maybe the solution here is just a sort of AI chat bot that can satisfy the demand, sort of like:
    IF -subrequest- THEN run -domme_order34- followed by random-insult- followed by text”NOW!”

    This should satisfy most participants.

    Also you might design your own thing sort of like:
    RUN-blogpost- WITH function-crossfit- PLUS function -general_whinging- PLUS random (function-champagne-, function-rock_climbing-, function-cute_online_flirting-) PASTE (random-domme_pics-)

    Maybe after that you can…hey what the fuck????

  8. I think that many of those “Hot Domme” profiles are actually written by guys, just hoping to get some horny dope to send money. Apparently it works too.

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